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located in Atlanta, Georgia, a part of My Soul To Keep, one of the many universes on RPG.

Atlanta, Georgia



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Btw, please go check OOC if you haven't already to see what we decided to do about the last roommate.
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Hope tried to close her eyes and tell herself that it would be over soon, that it was necessary for survival, that without this T would beat her again, but she couldn't get the feeling of the man's lips all over her chest to go away. Every now and then she could feel the cool metal of a wedding ring pass across the skin below her waist and it made her nauseous. What a pig. She thought to herself. Shaking her head and looking up at the ceiling of the nice hotel he had rented for this made her wonder what his wife would think he was spending the money on. A night in a place like this was surely close to $500-$600 and he had only rented it for an hour or so, depending on how long he could last. That thought made Hope shiver a little more, a sign the man took as him pleasuring her.

Ever so gently, she turned her head to look at the clock that lay on the nightstand beside the bed, they had been here doing this and the like for about an hour so it should be over soon. Almost like clockwork, the man pulled away, running his hand completely up her body and making sure to take in every inch of it. He smirked a smile at her that, if it wasn't in this situation, would have made her blush because it truly was a great smile. Being that it was in this situation though, it only made her feel more disgusted at the sight of the man. "You are truly fantastic, my dear. The best I've ever had. I'll be sure to let T know that I want you, and only you, from now on." The man winked as he scooted out from under Hope, leaving her laying on the bed completely nude.

She knew he hadn't paid yet so, as sickening as it was, she rolled over and posed in a way that looked completely natural but she knew from past experience made them tip higher. She had her head propped up under one hand while the other hand was laying on the bed out in the direction of the man, a sign that made them think she wished it wasn't over and boosted their already cocky enough ego. Her legs were scissored over each other and she made her voice sound more like a purr as she spoke, "Thank you, you were quite enjoyable yourself." Gag. "Don't forget my money, please." Hope batted her eyeslashes and smiled ever so sweetly at the man who immediately reached into his wallet and threw a wad of cash at her. "Worth every penny."

It was well past midnight when Hope returned back to the apartment. Her hair was a mess, as it always was after a job, and she was sure her lipstick was in places other than on her face. She was craving a shower, she couldn't wait to scrub the feeling of that man off of her skin. Unable to enter the apartment without a key, she stood outside the door and waited for T who she knew would show up soon to let her in. As Hope was standing there, she was past by a few people on the street who gave her judgmental looks, automatically knowing what she was. The problem was that they assumed she was there by choice. Yes, she was willingly standing outside the apartment waiting for T when she could run, but she knew what would happen if she tried that. She didn't know downtown Atlanta well, besides the hotels she did jobs at. He would find her before she could get very far and it would be hell after that.

"Hey there, sweetheart." T said as he rounded a corner. "Got my money?" Hope set the wad in his hand and took a small step back, knowing that he could get handsy late at night. He stood there and flipped through the wad for a moment, counting it. "That's my girl. Okay, before I let you in I want you to pass this along to your roomates. Tomorrow night all three of you will be doing a really important job for me. It's with two business men, from what I heard one is just a bit older than you, but the other is in his 40s so I'll let you girls decide who wants to try and get it up for him." T snickered at his own joke. "I'll be here tomorrow to pick you ladies up and take you to the place around 8. Be ready when I get here or else." His voice was menacing as he finally turned the key and let her in.

As Hope shut the door, she heard him darkly say goodnight but she didn't turn back around. Another job tomorrow night... She thought to herself, and she'd done jobs with men in their 40s, but a young face would definitely be refreshing, maybe she could convince her friends to let her take the young one. As she walked deeper into the apartment, she went to go check if anyone was awake.