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New Orleans

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It was just like any other day really in this lovely little place called New Orleans, at least it would have been had the circus not stopped by. The sun was beginning to dip its lower half under the horizon, splashing the sky with various colors of red, orange and yellow. Street lights were being turning on in the darker areas of the city whilst the many people of New Orleans slinked about into the evening light. Quite a few of them were simply going through the usual routine of the night life they were known for. On the other hands others had a different idea on how to spend their evening hours in a way that even if it took them into the late hours of the night they wouldn’t be disappointed.

Already the hours were ticking by as families, groups and individuals prepared for their night. The coming of sunset would signify the start of an amazing sight that could only be found under an immense tent in the City Park. The tent was meant to house hundreds of people but anyone could tell you that it couldn’t possibly fit the amount that wanted to see the show. Preparations had taken about a week to do, trying the patience of just about everyone in the Big Easy. All those structures that had been erected during the night and the multitude of carts that were hidden under the tents closed flaps piqued the interest of many.

From the looks of it this particular circus would make a good amount of money despite the fact that this was their last performance in the city. Soon they would have to finish their tour of the Americas and head back to Germany, their birth place, to think up new ways of striking awe into the hearts of their audiences. If one were to look at the City Park from the ground level, they probably wouldn’t be able to figure out where everything was as there wasn’t just one big tent but there were a couple of others albeit smaller tents and booths. These were set up to ensure that those who were waiting to enter or had already seen the show could have something to do while the Cirque du Eliaze was there. There were a total of four smaller tents, one for fortune telling, the second had smaller act consisting of animals, the third tent with a magic show while the fourth tent consisted of various daring acts. Scattered through the area were various booths for games while at the center of the whole thing was the picnic area that also had food stalls.

The biggest tent was where the majority of people flocked towards however due to the maximum capacity it had, quite a few were turned away and encouraged to go to the other tents or booths. In the next ten minutes the show was too begin. Once it started the lights would go incredibly dim to the point where it was all around black inside. Lights would then flash as a single figure slipped down from what could be assumed was the ceiling of the tent; their pale silhouette cutting through the inky black. They were suspended in the air by nothing but a gauzy strip of brightly colored clothe. Many in the tent gasped upon seeing this lonesome figure as they knew there was no net to catch them lest the clothe rip or they fall. Suddenly various silhouettes erupted into existence as they danced and move, both in air and on the ground. The show had finally begun.