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Snippet #2617167

located in Airdalen Academy, a part of No-Go AA+, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Academy



Characters Present

Character Portrait: Rhys Browning Character Portrait: Akira Blake Character Portrait: Shiori Kitogawa Character Portrait: Bishop Trander Character Portrait: Mai Kon Character Portrait: Yuuki Fujioka Character Portrait: Arietta Hakushiro Character Portrait: Ryou Giou Character Portrait: Johnny Farelli
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Bishop was in the middle of a giant heard of students funneling into the large school hall. He didn't really notice a specific face or person go by him amongst the crowd too caught up in reading the signs over each classroom door. <Ahuh.. So this is the building that the staff mainly works out of.> He sighed trying to get a feel for his new school. It was definitely different that any school he had been to in America or on a military base. From the uniforms to the layouts, he would have to see how things were when it came to assignments as well. But that was for later. The blonde shook his head reminding himself not to think too far ahead, that how you get discouraged. He took a breath and finally broke through the threshold of the school hall finding that since he walked so slow in order to not get lost, that many students had beaten him to get a seat.

"Aahh.... Ummm." He contemplated where to sit slowly walking down the left isle to find a seat. He first noticed a tall brown haired kid, sitting next to that blonde he saw earlier (Johnny & Arietta). But he didn't make a move to sit next to them, honestly not seeing the open seat. He moved further down the aisle beginning to think ins a vicious circle. <If I don’t sit now, more seats will be taken up. If the seats are taken up I’ll look weird. But what if I sit next to someone weird or mean? So I have to find a good seat! But if I don’t sit now-> On and on it went as he walked down the aisle until he reached the end and looked to the side and saw the purple haired girl from before (Yuuki) who yelled at him. He froze for a moment with wide eyes; if she looked to make eye contact he would turn awkwardly away and shuffle off <Like hell I’ll sit with her!> He didn't even take the time to notice the two other students sitting next to her (Shiori & Rhys). The American was having a bit of a hard time trying to assimilate in Japanese school, being spooked by a purple haired girl.

Bishop walked back up the aisle noticing some of the looks he was getting and decided to just take a seat anywhere. He opted for the right sight of the hall where there was a large gap between the row of seat in front of him, leaving the students sitting there with leg room. He removed his back pack and set it in his lap, looking around. To his surprise Bishop’s phone would ring, and he brought it up seeing it was a text from his dad; ’Hey son! Have a great first day at school. Always remember that me and your mother are proud of you and we love you very much.’ Bishop smiled at the message and replied back thanking his dad, but was interrupted by another male student. ’Hey, do you mind if we sit here? We’re trying to stay together.’ Bishop looked up seeing several junior class students looking down at him, their gazes curious seeing his foreignness. Bishop looked to his side seeing that the seats beside him were filling up and they didn’t have enough room for them all unless he moved. ”Ah… Sure-” ”Thanks!” Bishop spoke hesitantly wanting to be nice, but as soon as he began to speak they took his offer for an inch and made it a mile.

Slowly he stood up, once again seatless and sighed looking around clutching his backpack in his hand. It wasn’t like the others, some girls had cute charms or anime chibi characters on there’s. The same was for male students, though their bags were typically more conservative. Bishop’s backpack was an olive green, a military bag actually. He took off the American demarcations and insignias not wanting to stand out too much. However on his backpack were several pin buttons he acquired through his travels. He had 13 in all. Some were cities he’d visited or lived in, a few were companies that made products that he used for hobbies and some were music bands. All however were western, which was enough of a giveaway if one were to pay attention. Bishop now stood in near the center of the hall, looking back and forth to find an open seat. He’d take anything now…. Except if it was in front of next to that girl who scolded him (Yuuki). He spotted a seat to the rear of the hall and didn’t think twice about it. Bishop hurriedly went to take that seat just noticing a tiny girl sitting next to that seat (Mai). He looked down towards her automatically assuming she was a freshmen like him. He looked up seeing a silver haired, yet effeminate looking boy (Akira) sitting next to a super tall guy (Ryou). He gave the briefest of glances to them and went back to his phone to look over his text, and then hit ‘send’.

Bishop sighed and put his phone on silent, not expecting a text back and put his phone away. He fidgeted in his seat placing his unique backpack in his lap, only to look down to fuss with a few of the buttons lost in thought. Bishop was rather oblivious to what had happened before, keeping his head low with a troubled expression. From this point on, he figured that keeping a low profile on the first day wasn’t such a bad idea. He didn’t even think that suddenly sitting next to these people and not introducing would be rude, he was very use to the somewhat anti-social American culture. Bishop raised his head causing his blonde hair to sway gently, looking up only to see a few girls staring at him. He blinked and looked back not sure of what to do. He looked down at his uniform to see if it was something on him, then touched his face thinking maybe there was dirt or worse- a booger! When he found nothing, the freshmen heard laughing and just went back to looking down. Whatever it was, he had missed it like always. <This first day is not going to plan... I wish I was swimming.> He just hoped that the announcements would start soon so he could move on.