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located in Earth, a part of Ataxia, one of the many universes on RPG.


Literally where everything will take place. Locations will be added upon request


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Character Portrait: Castiel Starr Character Portrait: Rezu Sonova Character Portrait: Chester Andrew Calico Character Portrait: Adelaide Sucrauss
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Did I do something wrong? Fleeting thoughts rushed through Castiel’s mind as the boy turned to him. Perhaps it was bad to initiate a conversation out of nowhere. After all, some people do find it rather uncomfortable, and he wasn’t sure if that boy was one of them. Yet, he couldn’t help himself. Something hinted so strongly that he was the same, so strongly that he couldn’t help himself. Themis would probably have made him, either way.

The feeling only grew stronger as the boy’s eyes widened in shock. Could he be feeling it as well? So he wasn’t really wrong after all. Themis was getting more excited at the moment, he could feel her stirring awake, pushing against his consciousness to take control. “Wait!” He hissed under his breath at the titaness, a hint of annoyance in his voice. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself by rushing into things. His situation was an odd one, and it seemed unbelievable that there were actually others like him, eleven of them according to Themis. He never actually trusted those, much to Themis’s insistence about him paying attention and following his destiny. It was comforting to know that there are others like him out there, but the last thing he wanted was to get involved in the destruction of mankind that will ensue according to her ever confident voice. And yet, he had already made contact with someone that might be like him.

As he carefully observed the emotions on the other boy’s face, Castiel relaxed his grip over his body as they turned into one of nostalgia. Perhaps that was what Themis foresaw. They were driving closer and closer to the outcome, and now that there was no doubt that the boy sitting beside him was one of the eleven, Castiel had mixed feelings about the whole thing. Part of him was tingling with wonder and relief that there were others, and the other was telling him to run as far away from this as possible if he did not want to get pulled into yet another mess. His human and Titan sides were never in this much conflict before, and though he looked rather calm on the surface, the turmoil going on inside him was getting stronger.

“Sister…” And there was the confirmation. Though the crowd was still big and noisy, he caught his quiet utterance and gave him another quick smile. "Coeus. It’s Coeus! We found Coeus!" It was all he could do to prevent Themis from flinging her arms over the other boy and giving him a hug. People were watching, and he hated the assumptions and views of others. If only they could move to somewhere more isolated… keeping a hold of Themis was getting harder and harder these days. “My name is Chester Calico-" His human side seemed to be in control now, though he was cut off by the circus as he started to speak, the noise overwhelming his words. Castiel turned back to the circus then, his eyes fixated on the stage almost in an attempt to save himself from awkwardness. It was rude to stare, and though his curiosity was killing him he didn’t observe Chester obviously. He only sneaked in quick peeks of the boy who housed Themis’s sister. They looked so different from each other, unlike siblings at all. But again, they weren’t, though Castiel expected some resemblance in the way the Titans chose their human hosts. Apparently he was wrong.

The feeling gripped him once again, washing over his body like a wave. It was so strong, stronger than he ever would have expected and left him gasping for air. His eye was throbbing behind the patch, and he clasped a hand over it in case it was glowing again. Themis snapped to attention within him, as both of their attentions were fixated to the spotlight on the stage. A man and woman flew in the air, telling a story of tragic romance, their bodies and costumes looking like a perfect blend in the little light of the tent. He could hear the audience gasp in awe of their performance, but that was not what his was focused on. As the girl seemed to shoot a smile in their direction, his heart leapt. That was another one of them, he could sense it in his body, and also in the excitement of Themis. "That’s the strongest one of us. Cronos! How are you not excited yet?" Castiel let out a soft sigh, though he was amused. It had been a long time since Themis was this active and enthusiastic, but the thrill of meeting someone you have never met in thousands of years must be a strong emotion, despite one that he can never start to fathom how it feels like.

He looked up as his hand was grabbed by Chester, not even realizing in his musings that the performance was over. Most of the audience were already heading off to the other attractions or back home. Oh yes, home. Castiel wondered briefly about whether his father will be worried before the thought was swept to the back of his mind. That was the last of his concerns now, not when the people he had met and the possibilities were enough to sweep him off his feet. He followed Chester closely as the crowd moved around him, but he could feel his discomfort. Was the crowd too big for him? In his moment of hesitation, Themis eagerly took the opportunity to take control of his body quickly.

"Did you see that female dancer? Our brother, Cronus was up there on stage! Oh, but Themis, to see you is incredible as well I have been searching for my siblings for over a year.” “Indeed! I’m glad we could meet again, Coeus. It’s been so long!” He gave the boy a quick hug, much to Castiel’s mortification.

"Do you want to go see him?" “But of course! Shall we check the back of the tent?” It does seem to be the most plausible way to seek out the performer, if she had not left yet. If they went quickly enough, they should be able to catch her.