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located in Airdalen Academy, a part of No-Go AA+, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Academy



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Character Portrait: Akira Blake Character Portrait: Bishop Trander Character Portrait: Mai Kon Character Portrait: Ryou Giou
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For whatever reason Mai felt a little bad about listening to the conversation. Sure she was sitting right beside Akira but to the small girl it seemed more like a conversation between the two of them. I shouldn't eavesdrop of their conversation. While she did feel bad for eavesdropping, she felt even worse for the fellow. To have to deal with all those girls must be difficult. Mai couldn't even imagine what it'd be like and she was sure she'd just end up fainting or something as a result.

"Your name?" Mai looked at him and bit her lip before giving her name. "K-Kon, M-Mai." Doing her best to stop the stutter, Mai gave him a weak smile. It was the second time she had introduced herself and she was rather proud. Most people overlook her due to her being mistaken for a middle schooler, and at its worst a grade schooler. When she thought about this very morning a few people thought Ren and her were father and daughter. In realizing the implications of that her face turned red again and she brought her hands up to cover her cheeks.

In that moment a small group of girls had approached Ryou. They began to ask him questions and her and Akira and she felt guilty for having brought this on him. Had they not sat next to Ryou maybe those girls would leave him alone. On second thought they probably wouldn't. She could imagine them trying to figure out who got to sit next to him which would cause more problems for Ryou. Maybe it was a good idea to sit here. It seemed Ryou took care of their presence with his next words. It certainly was true, he could talk with whoever he wanted to and it wasn't their business either. Letting out a sad sigh, Mai glanced at the girls as they apologized and left. They sent glares that could kill a person at Akira and her, sending shivers down her spine in the process.

There was very little going the way she had expected and Mai wasn't sure if she'd make any more friends. It wasn't like she had many friends at her old school. Most people teased her about her short stature which of course she took on the best she could. However the guys thought she was cute that way, along with her stutter, but they never told her in person. Mai didn't find out about this until a group of girls had confronted her about it. They had asked that she stop faking the stutter and actually act her age. That was when she came to realize just how annoying she could be because of her flaws. Once summer had started Mai cut her bangs so she could no longer hide behind them and her parents sent her to stay with her cousin.

Mai didn't hate them for it but she was a little sad that they sent her away. After staying at the shrine for a few days Ren had confronted her about her timidness and told her to try and overcome it. Almost every day he forced her into talking with not only him but the rest of the shrine. It was a good experience for Mai and she was thankful towards her cousin. Of course talking with people she grew to know and talking to complete strangers were two different things.

Coming back from her worrisome thoughts, Mai caught on the ending of their conversation. Like Akira she wondered what they would do to him. It wasn't like they could just beat him up or something, he was a guy after all. When it came to her, well that was a different story. Mai was a girl and girls could be extremely nasty. She only had to deal with it once and she was in no hurry to go through it again. There were stories of girls messing with other girls, and Mai had seen it on occasion. At the time she never thought much about it until those girls had confronted her.

Hurried movement brought her attention to the area on her right. Quickly looking up Mai saw that a blonde boy had sat down besides her, or rather plopped down. Their gazes just barely crossed but it was enough for Mai to look away. She knew she wasn't his focus of attention as he held a phone in his hand. Placing her hands on her lap, Mai couldn't help but notice the fidgety boy next to her which in turn made her fidgety. Maybe he's nervous too. Oh! I should say good morning right? Yeah come on Mai just say it. She repeated this in her head multiple times, practicing saying Ohayō aloud. Maybe just maybe there wouldn't be a tutter but she'd have to do it soon before the announcements came on. Come on! Say it! Just say it. Then it came out "Ohayō." Instead of actually be happy that she had managed to say it out loud, Mai was just happy that she didn't stutter.

Hopefully she wasn't too late in saying good morning to him. When Mai looked back at him she realized he was the kid from before. The one who had been playing music and later got chewed out by the purple haired girl. It was obvious that he wasn't from around here. The bookbag that he had was covered with various buttons that presented a western theme. Is he American? In noticiting this her curiosity rose but she couldn't bring herself to say any more.