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Snippet #2617422

located in Airdalen Academy, a part of No-Go AA+, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Academy



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Character Portrait: Shiori Kitogawa Character Portrait: Bishop Trander Character Portrait: Yuuki Fujioka Character Portrait: Arietta Hakushiro Character Portrait: Johnny Farelli
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Yuuki nearly fell asleep waiting for the program to begin. The loud and rowdy boy (Kazuki) from earlier seemed to be giving a teacher a lot of trouble, from what she could see. He was up front and somewhat appeared to be arguing with the adult. Perhaps that was why the program hadn't begun? Either way, she was a bit tired of seeing that guy around here. He seemed to cause trouble for everyone he met, and she wasn't looking forward to having a run-in with him, she'd surely tell him off way worse than she had the blond guy that had carelessly interrupted her studying with his wretched excuse for music. Suddenly she noticed that the seats around her began to fill in. There was a very cute and feminine blonde girl (Arietta) that chose to sit not too far off in the row behind her, along with a brunet male who chose to sit down a little while before the blond. He was sitting a bit closer to Yuuki, but was in the same row as the blonde female.


The boy (Johnny) seemed to be attempting to converse with the girl (Arietta) and the male definitely seemed to be struggling with the language. He was doing rather well, but as a native of the language, Yuuki noticed the slight errors in his pronounciation. He was trying, so she couldn't fault him on that. Not to mention he wasn't very loud. That was something she definitely could applaud. The conversation wasn't very annoying, or perhaps it was because the entire room was buzzing with noise, either way, this wasn't a place she could study. She didn't mind the noise when it was suited for the situation, and this was a situation where others were expected to at least greet one another..

“My name is Johnny Farelli. My Japanese is not that good. It's nice to meet you.”

Even Yuuki almost laughed as she overheard that. Was he reading from a Japanese 101 handbook? She didn't turn around to look, or she probably would have laughed noticing the conversion book he held. She only caught glimpses of the two out of the corner of her eye. He was definitely foreign judging by his name, but was he American or Italian? She wasn't sure, but it was definitely food for thought.

Suddenly Yuuki froze. She got her own seat mate. She looked over and noticed a very 'classic' Japanese beauty (Shiori), well, aside from the girl's stunning gemstone eyes. Yuuki had never seen eyes that color, but she was fairly certain that not many were accustomed to purple hair. It was Yuuki's natural color, which even she found to be a bit odd, but she couldn't argue with the fact.

The girl didn't seem very social, but Yuuki decided to at least say hello and introduce herself if they were going to sit together, "Ohayo.. I am Fujioka, Yuuki." Her tone was formal, very serious and didn't seem to be very energetic like the blonde girl (Arietta) in the row behind them. The dark haired girl (Shiori) seemed to be waiting on someone to join them, because her head was turned away. Yuuki sighed a bit at this and adjusted her glasses. Perhaps she just wasn't suited for this kind of thing? It might have been a sign that she shouldn't try with others.. even when the timing permitted it. The two seats in front of her remained empty still, and Yuuki wondered when the program would begin. Perhaps the girl sitting beside her wouldn't notice her failed attempt to make idle chitchat? She noticed that blond guy from earlier and rolled her eyes as he fled the scene. Running away because he got scolded once? Wow. Pathetic.