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Snippet #2617439

located in The Long Tale Lands, a part of We All Have Pride, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Long Tale Lands

This land is half grassland and half jungle.


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Character Portrait: Nuru Character Portrait: Kanta Rachana Character Portrait: Mowgli Character Portrait: Betyr Character Portrait: Seryn Character Portrait: NPC Characters
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I listen to other winds. I talk to other faces. I feel another presence.


"Betyr is after her. Hang-... Hang on, let me help pull," said Seryn while helping the lioness. Together they managed to wiggle her paw out of the root.

"Thank you so much, Seryn. You would think I would be graceful by now," Nevaeh spoke as they get her paw free. She nodded to the cheetah before fallowing Mowgli. The tension became more dense as she came closer to a river, where the leopard was cornered. Cowering in a bush like prey about to be devoured. Akinyi, Mowgli, Betyr, Nuru, Lourdis, and Tariq were there. Their fur prickled with aggression and annoyance. The lioness didn't make her presence known however. Simply sat behind Mowgli, peering over his shoulder at the intruder. She couldn't help but, think how much she hated this.

This unrest within the pride. Given she was the main cause of the unrest but, it still bothered the wiseone. When the pride was disturbed so was the jungle and spirits that inhabit it. Right before the leopard started speaking. Nevaeh felt a wave nausea and worry painfully twist in her stomach. It seemed her brain swelled inside her skull. Begging to come out. Then an odd lightness. She felt herself start slipping into other reality. Then...

"Look, I didn't mean to trespass in your land, and then one thing happened after another and... Nevaeh snapped herself out of it when she heard Kanta's unfamiliar voice. The wiseone paid close attention to cat's words. When she was done speaking, the wiseone stood up. She nudge past Mowgli with a smile. She however made sure not to get too close.

"You know, you're lucky you stumbled upon Long Tale territory and no one else's. The other prides would assume you were stealing prey. And then they would have... well killed you. But like I said, this is Long Tale. We don't kill and ask questions later. However," Nevaeh paused taking a deep breath. "it's important to know what pride you are from?"

"What? I didn't even know there were other groups nearby?"

"Well of course? How can you not know that," the wiseone asked turning her head to side.

" I don't come from around here. In fact, I have no idea where I come from exactly, I only know a few things about when I was a cub."

"Aaah. I see." Nevaeh couldn't imagine a life without Long Tale. To hunt and survive on her own. To be without her friends. That sounds so - depressing. "So you are without a pride, correct?"

"Yes. I don't know why though," Kanta said. The lioness can't help to be have a huge grin. Utter bliss sent shivers and purrs. Very loud purrs at that.

"Well that's perfect! So perfect, I say the Great One planned it himself. So would you like to be Long Tale cat?" The lioness takes a step close to the new pride member.

"Are you asking me to join your pride?‏ I mean are you sure you want me tagging along?"

Nevaeh purred once more. "Aw, you're a sweet one. You wouldn't be the first. And you won't be the last. Long Tale accept all cats of all different backgrounds. Every cats adds to our history and culture. So would you please join?"Nevaeh holds her head high as she talks about the pride. The idea of a new member wants her to jump and roar in excitement. But, she most remember to be cautious. For evil snakes do look pretty.

Kanta paused before answering, as if she had to think before answering. ”If that's ok with you.”

"Fine, then it's settled," Nevaeh replied. She looked the cat up and down. The poor thing looked exhausted. The wiseone glanced at Nuru, then at Betyr. "Nuru and Betyr. I know you are both tired but, may you please escort Kanta to the faction. Help her find a nice sleeping spot or den. And rest up as well," the last part was mostly for Nuru. Who seemed like he was going to pass out. Neveah then moved to give the leopard some room to breath and walk. Lourdis and Tariq left muttering about another mouth to feed.Image