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Snippet #2617505

located in Airdalen Academy, a part of No-Go AA+, one of the many universes on RPG.

Airdalen Academy



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Character Portrait: Rhys Browning Character Portrait: Shiori Kitogawa Character Portrait: Yuuki Fujioka
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Rhys wasn’t looking forward to school. School meant more early mornings ahead of him. He grasped that he was fortunate to be going to Airdalen Academy at all, but the whole process was over his head. He only hit this realisation after the announcement had concluded for a while. How was he going to keep his grades up to the average? He wasn’t going to believe that the school would keep him for sports only. His grades had to be at minimum, passing. He couldn’t risk a flunk. Ahhh fuck, I forgot to worry about that. I guess I could hire a tutor or something.. His hand tugged at his tie, not used to the getup. It was almost suffocating. Another thing he really didn’t like about going to school, uniforms.

"Of course. We don't want to get the seats with gum on them."
Rhys turned to Shiori with a concerned fleeting look. When they started chatting, Shiori passed off as shy but trying until now… now she seemed far from trying and more like fed up, done. Was she fed up and done with him? Well fuck it, I tried. He was confident that he hadn’t done or said anything questionable to bring up the mood change. He was being as nice as nice could get with someone he had just met. ”…yeah.”

"I'm fine by the way, why did you ask?"
Rhys went silent for a moment, collecting his thoughts as his eyes slowly moved to avoid hers. He was unsurprisingly a man of few words unless he was swearing rowdily. He hadn’t sworn yet in front of her, because he was holding it back. ”It’s not right to swear in front of a lady…” His mother taught him that much in spite of her upbringing. ”Cause… just cause.” He ended up saying before his brown eyes stared back at her. He decided to leave it at that, not trying to be nosey in business that wasn’t his. He patiently waited as his new acquaintance stood up and turned her attention elsewhere for a bit. Rhys wasn’t particularly in a hurry, but he wanted to be on time and do whatever needed to be done at this school. A part of him hoped Shiori wasn’t going to decline such a small thing as a meagre walk to the hall. That would wound his pride.

"Alright, don't slow me down though. It's this way, we just have to follow the crowd that's forming."
”You’re the boss.” he responded in his usual tone of voice as they walked together, joining the large crowd of students headed in the same direction for the school hall. A few people brushed past him but Rhys didn’t think much of it. He couldn’t feel any pain from it had they pushed hard. He simply had no reaction.
He looked over Shiori once to check that he hadn’t lost her before directing his attention to the front of the hall. It was much fancier than any school he had ever gone to. Well tickle me impressed… they have a nice budget. Scratching the back of his neck, he glanced side to side as the rows of seats filled up more and more by the second. He let out a small sigh, Time for school… before claiming the seat next to Shiori with his hands at his knees. Impulsively, his attention turned at the voice of another girl (Yuuki) wearing glasses in their row beside Shiori as she introduced herself. He watched her subtly as she rolled her eyes, before returning his attention to the front as he wasn’t the one being talked to. I haven’t seen a single ugly girl since I got here... she’s a looker too.

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