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Snippet #2617527

located in The Long Tale Lands, a part of We All Have Pride, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Long Tale Lands

This land is half grassland and half jungle.


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Nina sighed softly as Vale actually followed her. She needed to calm herself down and she breathed in deeply. She lapped up at the water quietly before licking her fur. She looked at Vale walking next to Vale and nuzzling into his quietly. She felt like she honestly had to do something. He was normally the one who talked the most out of the two and she felt bad that he hadn't even said anything to her. After a while she finally pulled away from him and continued to lick on her fur. Nina's mind was elsewhere and she tried to think of something else so she wouldn't be so sad about what just happened. Everything seemed to be going all wrong today and she felt like she lost someone although she didn't really think she had any friends in this pack. She breathed in deeply and silently walked up to the pond looking at herself in it dipping her paw into it and watching the water ripple.
As she looked into the water she saw another cat seem to breeze by. She looked up and it seemed to have everyone chasing after it. For a moment she thought that maybe it was another member of the pride and she scared for a moment. She turned back to look Vale and he was gone. She gulped and stared at everyone as they chased the cat. After a few moments she had stood up on all her paws going after them. It as a slow jog as she tried to catch up to them all. Even then she would let out a small whimper here and when her leg would send a painful shock through her whole body. She just needed to catch up with them. She wasn't even caring about the fact that her leg was causing her so much pain. Her heart was hammering and she breathed deeply catching up and stood in the background.
Nina stood there in shock as she watched everyone seem to snarl at the girl. She looked at the cat and the memories flashed through her head. Nina was such a small child when it all happened. She was hurt and kept running. That was how she actually damaged her leg so badly. She came across the pride causing an awful mess throughout the whole thing. It was a terrifying memory for her and she saw it in Kanta right then. Nina was cornered into a rock near the edge of a cliff. Everyone had been snarling at her and she was scared. Scared beyond belief. One of the warriors kept questioning her. She wasn't even able to talk. Her small paws continued to back up till she nearly had fallen. The warrior questioning her seemed too much like how Nuru was now. Nina stood in horror into even being able to move in the slightest as she witness what was going on. Eventually Nina had slipped. She thought she was going to die, not that the warrior would have cared. But seconds later someone bit down on her tail. He gently gave her directions and she landed on a flat surface. The wise lion climbed down and took her back up so she was safe. The next few weeks she hadn't said a word at all and went nearly everywhere with the lion. He was who saved her. The only one she actually trusted...Before even he had to leave her.
Almost in seconds the cat forgot about her leg and got in front of the stranger cat. She snarled at everyone watching with deadly eyes. Nina wasn't typically the person you would see that would have such an expression on her face. But this brought back memories that she didn't want to remember. Everyone had finished speaking including the cat that was right behind her. Everyone had already been done speaking even Neveah. But Nina was too aggravated to stop. "This whole pride hasn't changed a bit." She spoke bitterly. "This is how everyone goes after someone they don't know! You all are idiotic! You don't know whether they are good or bad and snarl at her in mere seconds because she wouldn't exactly come and face you first thing. How could she really when you guys chased her! Anyone would have been scared, that's just..Disrespectful. These are the types of things that give other cats her nightmares. Terrorizing them since the day they entered this pride. She did nothing that made her seem like an enemy. Even a cub came here helpless and weak, and warriors chased her around like she was a piece of meat eager to get rid of her-" Nina had to stop herself from speaking at that point. She hadn't said another word and took off, it was all too much to face at that moment.
Nina kept running. She wasn't the fastest due to her leg, but she didn't stop. The pain killed her, but she didn't want to face anyone right then and there. She felt too hurt and felt as if she would cry at any moment. After running for as long as she could take it the cat kept trying and tripped on a rock. She flew an her boy scraped against the ground. She got back up and found a tree laying underneath it. She whimpered softly and laid her head in her paws. She just needed to be let alone. She shouldn't have even said anything to begin with. She was such an idiot at time, but who could really blame her. That type of feeling wasn't anyone would actually like to have.