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Snippet #2617560

located in The Long Tale Lands, a part of We All Have Pride, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Long Tale Lands

This land is half grassland and half jungle.


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"You caused me to wake up from my nap.”

Akinyi watched as Mowgli, one of the wiseones, approached the leopard. He was one of the last members she would have expected to show up. Normally he was sleeping or watching chases and activities like this from afar. Akinyi relaxed slightly, changing her position from that of a readied pounce to a standing position. However, she was still on high alert, and would remain so until this situation was resolved.

"What have you got to say for yourself, ignorant stranger?"

So far, the leopard had failed to actually say much to her pursuers, and that’s why it shocked Akinyi when she immediately began to respond. She let them know that she didn’t mean to trespass. Why couldn’t she just tell us that? As if she knew the question that’d formed in her head, Kanta continued explaining that she’d begun to flee after being questioned because of the aggressiveness shown by the others that were at the scene. Akinyi grunted softly in annoyance at the situation. Of course…

She then went on telling them that she’d come to the meeting place while following Nuru. Akinyi looked down, attempting not to snicker. The thought of Nuru unknowingly leading an intruder into our pride had to upset him terribly. Thinking about how his face must look made her want to laugh more, but her need to show respect won over. Akinyi continued to listen as Kanta explained the blood on her nose and mouth. Akinyi nodded her head remembering catching the distinct smell of wildebeest when they were looking for her.

While listening to Kanta, Neveah showed up. She then spoke, addressing Kanta as she approached her. It turned out that the intruder was, for lack of better words, a drifter. Someone without a pride had wandered into their midst.

"Well that's perfect! So perfect, I say the Great One planned it himself. So would you like to be Long Tale cat?"

Just like that, Neveah welcomed the leopard with open arms into the pride. Akinyi looked at Neveah with wide eyes, an expression of mixed shock and confusion. It was true that many had been accepted to the pride this way, but we still knew barely anything about this cat. Though the pride did have a history of accepting all kinds of cats for all over, Akinyi felt there still needed to be some measure of awareness to Kanta. Akinyi looked at Neveah again, a look of complete sureness graced her face. If she thought she was worthy then who was Akinyi to feel otherwise?

Akinyi sighed and relaxed a bit as Neveah ordered Betyr and Nuru to assist the newcomer. Well since that’s taken care of…I guess now is as good a time as any. Akinyi moved to stand by Neveah, making sure not to get in the leopard’s way.

All of a sudden, Nina approached, furious. Akinyi merely stared as Nina raged on about how the leopard was chased. She was sure the situation looked bad from where she was standing, but in Akinyi’s opinion, Kanta did act suspiciously, especially since she was much older than a cub. Thinking back, Akinyi did remember Nina as a cub, hurt and scared… She remembered asking her father about her, but all he said was that she’d been through a lot and not to be mean to her. As Nina ran away, Akinyi couldn’t help but wonder if she was speaking from experience. She looked around at the others stopping at Neveah’s sympathetic face. She even made a step towards Nina, but remained where she was.

Akinyi remembered that she’d planned to request to be leader, but Nina’s outburst had completely changed the atmosphere. Akinyi felt bad, like if she said anything, she would seem…disrespectful. So she allowed a small pause before she decided that she needed to get it over with.

“Neveah, I wanted to talk to you, but it was best to take care of the situation at hand.” As Akinyi spoke, she made sure to keep her posture straight and her voice steady, even though she was nervous just requesting it. “I’d like to attempt to become the next leader of the pride.”