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Home of the Demons


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Vincent Price

The woman before him was lucky enough to have barely ducked as the knives flew over her pretty little head. It was quite the sight to see those fluid movements of her as she got back onto her feet quite gracefully. That faint smile from before became much more noticeable however it wasn’t a nice smile. It was more like he was content that his stock was still in good shape. Lazily setting her own knife flat on the table Alvina walked back towards her spot on the sofa, all the while facing him. He couldn’t quite tell if she was just being cautious or if it was something else but he approved of the former. It was good that she felt that way. It meant he was still something to be feared and he would continue to do so for as long as breath left this body of his.

As he contemplated her words a surge of power erupted into existence. It was quite the marvelous feeling; to have felt it even here of all places. Vincent however did not disclose those emotions to Alvina but instead maintained a cool façade. Considering the relationship between the three worlds, it’d be near impossible to find the exact location of the power surge but one could determine the area that it may have originated from. Before he was allowed to comment on Alvina’s words one of the maids cleaning up the mess by his doors suddenly flew into the room, rolling across the floor and eventually into a stop.

Even before those words slipped past his dirty mouth, Vincent was well aware of who it was. When he spoke it confirmed his assumptions and he could already feel a headache coming forth. There was really only one dirt encrusted demon that could cause him such a disturbance and upon looking it up, it was none other than the Third Pillar, Chikyu. Those pale blue orbs watched in disgust as the Prince of Earth as he placed his dirty hands on a chair to perch on. “My, my quite the manners you have there. You most certainly may sit Prince of Earth.” Vincent could only listen in boredom as Chikyu once again gave the same damned speech he gave all those other times. He thought himself valiant when in fact he was meddling in affairs that he did not, could not, comprehend. In reply to the Prince of Earth’s obvious threat Vincent said, “And I shall make sure to bury you under your cause Prince of Earth.”

“Oh I’m well aware of that my dearest which is entirely why you will be staying here.” He leaned back into his chair, lacing his fingers before him as he gauged her reaction. Suddenly standing he placed his hands behind his back as he strode around the room, answering her questions one by one. “My familiar was indeed there. He came across an exorcist party and managed to bring me quite the specimen.” His hand hovered over a leather bound book that rested on the corner of his desk. Eyes flicking up towards Alvina’s face, they were cold and harsh. “Did you know there exists countless offspring between demons and mortals? I find it quite fascinating to which I will gladly look into while in the Human’s realm.” He continued his pacing and stopped just in front of his beautiful pawn. “You on the other hand will be here, making sure everything goes accordingly. I will contact you as needed while I am away. Any objections?” His eyes locked onto hers as if challenging her to voice out her objections. Regardless of what was said, Vincent would soon prepare for his trip to the Human Realm.