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located in New York, a part of Their Lives As One, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Sammie knew she was being rude, but decided to pretend she didn't hear Ellie's squeal about Steve. Yes, her and Steve had been dating since the trip the group took back then, but, it wasn't feeling right lately. Steve hardly returned her calls, much less even sent her a card. Her birthday was just in a few days, and she'd silently decided that if he didn't come for her then, when would he ever come?

Sammie threw on her outfit, which consisted of a shorter than her mother would have approved of glittery gold dress, and she pulled on a smooth to the touch tuxedo jacket over her shoulders. She accessorized with all black jewels, a big ring on her middle finger and a bracelet chunky on her wrist. Her overall outfit seemed sleek, and her hair was pulled back into a tight, yet adorably sexy ponytail. She clunked out of her bedroom, which she shut the door quietly, and joined her friends in all their christmas glee. They had all helped themselves to the alcoholic beverages Sammie knew she shouldn't have around the apartment, but did anyway, despite Ellie's unsettling acceptance.

All of her dear friends she'd made via the shoots and constant commercials she'd done had shown up, and they'd all brought gifts for each other, and Sammie couldn't of been happier. Until she turned around, and saw Ellie, just sitting on the couch. Her lips pursed into a stern frown, and she made her way over to her unruly friend. "Guys!" She continued as most of them stopped clinking glasses. "You guys remember Ellie, don't you?" The group of actors and models smiled at the girl, all of them nodding heads, and saying their hello's and how do you do's. As Sammie did a quick glance of the room, the man who was obviously intently studying Ellie straightened his stature against the doorway into the living room.

"Benjamin." Sammie felt her lips tug into a somewhat forced smile, as she looked towards the man, and she drug Ellie over to him. The most interesting idea appeared in her mind, but she hid it with her eyes twinkling at her friend. "Ellie.. this is Benjamin. He's a simple man, owning the cafe downtown we certainly crash at between shoots." She turned towards the man, and gave her best smirk. "Ben, this is Ellie, she's my room mate. So, please, talk to her instead of giving us all chills." Sammie, as the last word left her mouth, turned, and left the two of them to get acquainted, as she giggled amongst her perfect friends.

They all were constantly taking shots and playing the silliest games as if they were all in high school again. Thinking of her earlier years, Sammie shuddered, downing that much more alcohol to make her forget of her past.


Benjamin was quiet fellow, he didn't quite want to socialize. He was here simply because his therapist urged him to, and he of course, damn it, had a good conscious. So, just an hour or so earlier, he managed the energy to dress himself. It was fairly simple, a deep shade of crimson colored his long-sleeved sweatervest over a white button-up, with a pair of black dress slacks, and dress shoes. It wasn't the warmest of outfits, but he did alright in the chilly New York Christmas weather.

As he first arrived to this social greet and meet, he noticed it was mainly models and actresses, specifically the ones who were in his cafe every afternoon precisely at 2 P.M. sharp. He had all their orders down by memory now, and he smirked as he noticed a female whom he'd hadn't seen at his cafe before. Her hair was a deep chocolate brown, and he itched to see her face as she turned around from messing with a Yule log, a primary aspect of Christmas he decided.

When she turned, and he saw her face, she proceeded to stare back at him, until she grew annoyed and plopped her being on the couch cushion. He felt nervous, but couldn't stop taking in her features from afar. He silently wondered if she was like the damsels in distress he so commonly wrote about on his weekend writing-thons. Often, he found himself unable to sleep, so he just sat at his burgundy desk, and let the pencil mark the paper.

He was soon drawn from his thoughts, as the girl he'd taken to be known as Sammie approached him, hastily introducing the two of them. His grip tightened on the cup of whiskey he'd helped himself to earlier, and managed a smirk in Sammie's direction. At her comment of him being some type of pedophile, he held back a forced smile, and watched as the girl strutted off towards the popular crowd.

"I suppose I do owe you an apology for my.. unreasonable being of a pedophile. " His lips were pursed into a sly smirk as he glanced down at his drink quickly, not wanting to make an unwanted contact of their eyes. His french accent seemed to stick on his tongue as he continued speaking. "I didn't mean any harm. I just.. didn't recognize such a beauty that I haven't seen in the daily visits I am so privileged to have with the usual group of models and such." Benjamin smirked uncanningly, and he held his cup with both hand now, instead of one being lazily rested in his pant's pocket. He cleared his throat as if he was anxious, and his eyes darted up to hers, studying their color. He then, noticed his hand had left from the side of his cup to reside behind his left ear where his finger was unconsciously scratching at. Benjamin nodded in apology as he broke the gaze and returned his hand to the mug.