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located in The Long Tale Lands, a part of We All Have Pride, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Long Tale Lands

This land is half grassland and half jungle.


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She spoke, Mowgli thought, pleased that she actually explained. He only paid attention to small parts, his eyes drifting to whoever else intervened. When Nevaeh nudged past, he side stepped over, letting her do her thing while he sat in the back watching. Watching was what Mowgli did. He didn't bother with the inner relations of the pride. Sure, there was a select few he could tolerate in close quarters for a relatively long amount of time, but others he rather keep at a distance. Like the cubs, they were rather annoying.

Watching as Nevaeh and the new cat, Kanta, spoke, shock completely passed over Mowgli. Was it shocking that Nevaeh was initiating a new cat? Of course not, most if not all the older cats at least were brought into the pride this way, Mowgli himself included. Of course, Mowgli was an older cub by that time, and not as old as this Kanta before them. Either way, there was nothing strange about her. Yet, Mowgli still wanted to watch her. He had pretty much watched many of the cats of the pride enough to know quite a lot about him, but this was a new entity that was foreign.

Moments later, it seemed all was done. Nuru and Betyr were asked to find Kanta a sleeping spot. Mowgli, losing interest in the exchange and believing nothing more interesting was happening, turned to leave. He walked only a few steps before he heard the padding of paws on the ground. Not picking up a scent thanks to his poor nose, his first thought was that the new cat who had just been initiated had taken off again. Yet, as he turned to look over his shoulder, he couldn't help the sheer confusion that came to his muzzled face. "Nina? He said lightly, seeing the pale, black-speckled coat of the den maid making quite the entrance. Now, what is this about? He thought, turning fully around so he can sit and watch comfortably. As Nina ranted on, a light-bulb went off and Mowgli believed he had the quiet cat figured out. "She's speaking from experience, alright," Mowgli mumbled quietly to himself, trying not to roll his eyes. It's not that he looked down on the younger female, it's just this was the second time in one day that she'd spoken up. He felt she was just a little excited. It's just...hormones, He told himself.

Waiting and watching a moment to see what happens next, his eyes drifted slowly over something. He could just go back to his nap, but he knew it wouldn't go back to where he left off the last dream. Sighing, his ears perked up on Akinyi's voice. ā€œIā€™d like to attempt to become the next leader of the pride.ā€ She said, and Mowgli scoffed. Attempt? Doesn't sound too confident, Mowgli thought, coming up to Akinyi and Nevaeh. "You want to attempt to become the next leader?" Mowgli said, narrowed, unforgiving eyes on Akinyi. "Or do you want to fight for it?"