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Snippet #2617669

located in New York, a part of Their Lives As One, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Character Portrait: Sammie Tyrant Character Portrait: Gigi Fontaine Character Portrait: Benji Pennington
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A slender silhouette appeared at the door. Like a bolt of lightning, Gigi Fontaine walked onto the party scene with energy and impeccable style. Even if it was just for a moment, everyone in the apartment was drawn to her vibrant red frock as though it glowed like Rudolph's nose. She was definitely a character; a presence to behold. Of course she needed a captivating outfit to match her reputation.

She strutted across the kitchen as though she were still on the catwalk, all the while saying 'hello' to the friends and strangers who waved at her. But it wasn't until she saw Miss Tyrant's darling face that the French woman ellicited a powerful response.

"Sammie girl!" she squeeled, tromping in her six-inch heels as she opened her arms and enveloped the eighteen-year-old inside them. "Merry Christmas, my little lovebug!"

After giving her tiny pecks on both cheeks with her large gingerbread-scented lips, Gigi's eyes danced around the apartment in whimsicality. "My, my...what a dazzling setup you've got in here. Classier than a penthouse party, that's for sure."

In an instant, her arms frazzled with liveliness, indicating that she had something rather exciting to say. "So when I heard that you were aspiring for a job in the music industry, I went absolutely bananas! I mean, if there's anyone who's got spirit and talent to be an excellent performer worthy of a Grammy, it's YOU, Sammie darling. So I called everyone I knew in the business and I said, 'listen you hotshots, my girlfriend Sammie's got a get-together coming up, and she shines so brightly, there's no doubt she'll be a star sometime in the next month or so. You better collaborate with her while you all can'. Well..." she chuckled, "Most of them would rather drive down to their parents' house for the holidays, but one guy found your story interesting, and he wants to meet you tonight! He said he'd be here soon, but...OH!"

As if on cue, an enigmatic-looking young man with a Christmas-colored plaid shirt and a sharp fedora marched through the doorway. He stood tall and proud, as though the law of gravity had no effect on him. His hair was as black as the feathers on a crow, and his smile as sleek as the edge of a knife. Whoever he was, he looked like the dictionary definition of freedom.

"Oh, Big Ben!" she hollered in a sing-song voice, "Get your cute little butt over here and meet my friend!"

He chuckled in the distance, and with his hands in his jean pockets, smoothly walked over to the two girls.

"Sammie Tyrant, may I introduce to you the elusive Benji Pennington. Believe it or not, he just signed a deal with Richcraft Records yesterday morning!"

Gigi then turned to Sammie with glistening cat eyes, and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Benji Pennington, this is my good friend, Sammie Tyrant. She's a wonderful performer just like you."


With old-fashioned charm and grace, he gave her a gentle smile and extended his hand to her. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you," he said over the shouts of the tipsy guests that littered the kitchen. "Gigi's been telling me all about you! It's nice to finally see you in the flesh and not mentioned her obnoxious, chipmunk voice."

With that, the wheat-haired woman gave him a playful punch on the shoulder, and squinted her eyes in fake malice. "Well, I'm going to leave you pretty people to it and go get a drink. Want anything, Benji?" The young man shook his head, "I'm good, thanks." he said. With a saccharine grin and a wink at Sammie, Gigi left the conversation and joined the circle of guests flocked around the alcohol.

With a breathless chuckle and smirk, Benji gave a flawless eye roll and drew a bit closer to the girl in front of him. "She was wrong, y'know," he said, his voice as smooth as silk, "I didn't sign with Richcraft Records yesterday morning. I signed with them a week ago. You have to watch out for that girl; she's always had a tendency of exaggerating the truth, even if it's just a tiny bit..."

He took a step back and glanced at his surroundings. The atmosphere was quaint yet undeniably modern. It was an environment he found himself enjoying more and more with every milisecond that passed. It was all so warm and cozy, and the brilliant brown eyes possessed by the girl in front of made the scenery even more spectacular.

"So," he started, "I heard you're looking to become a performer, eh?" Benji placed his hands in his pockets again as he gazed down at Sammie Tyrant with a soulful smirk. Everything about his facial expressions and posture seemed abstract. "What kind of music are you into?"