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Snippet #2617799

located in The Long Tale Lands, a part of We All Have Pride, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Long Tale Lands

This land is half grassland and half jungle.


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Character Portrait: Nuru Character Portrait: Nevaeh Character Portrait: Vale Character Portrait: Kanta Rachana Character Portrait: Mowgli Character Portrait: Betyr Character Portrait: Seryn Character Portrait: Akinyi Character Portrait: Nina
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. . . . . Nuru's whole spine prickled. "Nuru and Betyr. I know you are both tired but, may you please escort Kanta to the faction. Help her find a nice sleeping spot or den. And rest up as well," He forced himself to stay silent. No way in oceans was he going to let this feline sleep in the same den as him. Did something possess Nevaeh? Did she really just accept a full grown stranger? A possible demon that humiliated him in front of the whole pride? For spirit's sake, even the cubs were watching! Nuru huffed, flicking his tail as a signal for Kanta to follow them. Before Betyr and he could lead her to the dens, Nina suddenly burst out in anger. Nuru couldn't help but let his tail drop in shock. The cub she mentioned... Was in fact her.

. . . . . Nuru remembered this, since he was around Nina's age when she was introduced to the pride. She was a scrawny, scared, little thing. Even Nuru, the runt cub, seemed bigger than her. He wasn't there when the pride chased her, but he remembered how she never played with him. She couldn't play with him. Nuru was a runt with layers of energy and was too rough with her. Honestly, he was too rough and bossy to all the cubs in the pride but that was a different story for a different time.

. . . . . Nuru's eyes darted away, not wanting to look at Nina in the eye. He never ever seen her this angry. Soon after Nina finished speaking, she ran off. The pride went silent for a couple moments, and Nuru glanced back at Nevaeh for guidance. She dipped her head, and Nuru took that as, 'Just take Kanta to the dens... We'll handle it.' Nuru nodded to both Nevaeh and Betyr, and continued towards the dens with Kanta lagging behind.



. . . . . Everything happened so swiftly, sending Vale reeling at the results. Just a moment ago, it seemed like the whole pride was ready to spring on this stranger, and now she was a part of them. Nevaeh couldn't possibly expect them to welcome her so easily? There were certain cats in this pride that might attack the young stranger leopard in her sleep. It didn't feel wise... Vale was ready to protest when she told Betyr and (of all cats) Nuru to lead her to the dens. Nuru was not exactly the most peaceful of members to stick onto Kanta. Before they could take her away, Nina bellowed words he never expected her to say before. Sure she surprised him a lot today, but this was a new record indeed. Was she using herself as an example? She kept saying 'cub' but never referred to herself. Wasn't she the only new cub that joined their pride so many moons ago? He knew for a fact that it wasn't any of the cubs they had now, they never ran off in fear for them to chase (even with one of them being super jumpy). He wasn't sure, but he wasn't about to question her about it either. Nina ran off before anyone had time to respond. In this moment of silence, Vale decided that he would go after her. Who else would? Nina was always quiet, just like him.

. . . . . Vale slithered through the underbrush, his eyes searching for the albino leopard hiding out somewhere. Where would she run off to? They never left the faction before. Vale cursed at himself, knowing that the pride would notice his absence since he and Nina were the only denmaids. Hopefully, they wouldn't be raided or anything for the few moments they were gone. His ears pricked, his hearing heightened since he couldn't see in the dark very well and had to rely on it for so long. He could hear whimpering, someone was in pain... "Nina...?" He barely mewed, keeping low to the ground in case it was another intruder. He froze, waiting for a response.