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located in New York, a part of Their Lives As One, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Character Portrait: Sammie Tyrant Character Portrait: Ellie Wicks Character Portrait: Benjamin L. Character Portrait: Gigi Fontaine Character Portrait: Benji Pennington
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Sammie had been laughing away her worries as she stood in the middle of Christmas Wonderland of a living room. Suddenly, a whirlwind of vibrant red and gingerbread scented perfume, Sammie was engulfed in the woman's stick arms. Her accent coated her tongue as she spoke to the girl, and Sammie couldn't help the smile plastered on her face, as if she was a little girl seeing her Idol.

"Sammie girl! Merry Christmas, my little lovebug! My, my...what a dazzling setup you've got in here. Classier than a penthouse party, that's for sure."

Sammie, with that ugly grin superglued on to her face, took in Gigi's exciting orbit, and suddenly began to hyped herself. "Gigi! I'm so glad you could make it tonight!" She bit her lip as Gigi seemed to be still talking, as the toys that you wound up and wouldn't stop for anything, until they ran into the wall nearby. She bit harder as Gigi got more into her story. Gigi had talked her up to agents? What.

"...but one guy found your story interesting, and he wants to meet you tonight! He said he'd be here soon, but...OH!"

And just like that, Sammie practically fainted from excitement. Someone actually listened to Gigi, as crazy as the woman seemed, and how she'd made Sammie so scared when they'd first met. Suddenly, in a whirlwind of light-hearted insults, and Gigi's infant voice, Sammie found herself standing alone in front of the most gorgeous man she'd ever laid eyes on. She had just shook his hand with a steady grip, but knew if he tried to do anything, she'd be weak in the knees, just by looking at his jet black hair, hiding under that slick fedora... and the way that plaid shirt made him seem so.. Sammie shook her head a little, as her eyes wandered to find Gigi, which wasn't too hard with her infamous red.

"I didn't sign with Richcraft Records yesterday morning. I signed with them a week ago. You have to watch out for that girl; she's always had a tendency of exaggerating the truth, even if it's just a tiny bit..."

Benji, as she'd come to find out, had stepped closer to her, and she felt her dignity start to question itself. His voice played through her ears as smoothly as she hoped her future music would to her future, and some current, fans. He seemed.. so soulful, just the fact that he was here must have meant he'd either come to get some type of nightstand with an eager teenager, like so many, wanting to be the next big thing. Sammie cleared her throat, opening her mouth, and couldn't help the smile that took over her as she spoke towards the man, she had secretly already named The Crow. "I'm sure Gigi means well nonetheless. I can't help but feel threatened by her constant push towards something. Like.. she's fighting for something she can't have.. or.." Her eyes diverted to the floor, and at her feet, "It's none of my business, either way." Sammie bit her lip, wondering if he'd take her friendly gossip the wrong way. He could be Gigi's lover for all she knew. She loved Gigi, unless that unsettling voice rattled her insides one too many times.

"I heard you're looking to become a performer, eh? What kind of music are you into?"

Sammie nodded, encouraging his statement, as her lips pursed into a seductive smile, which she didn't intend. "You could call it that. Singer/Dancer, I guess.. a package deal." Her arms were firmly crossed in front of her now, and she felt radiant. "I'm more of Beyonce, than a Jay-Z. I don't think I'd want anyone to hear my rapping rhymes." She let out an innocent giggle, and her eyes drifted up from his feet, and took in all the different textures of his clothing, as well as his rigid shoulders, and that enticing jaw line that she just seemed to imagine herself planting kisses all over it. Stuttering, she broke out of her mind haze, and beamed at the guy in front of her. "If you want.." She looked back at her group, seeing the girls who could sing not being too drunk, at least sober enough to sing back-up. "I could.. show you." She flashed him a wicked grin as she flicked her wrist, three of the girls in the group coming over to her. Sammie felt like the star, she didn't even need a microphone to be heard, and the music was flowing through her mind as she started up her karaoke machine.

She didn't plan this.. she didn't plan this at all...

But, damn it felt so good.

"But let the words slip out of your mouth.." She finished, and her breath was fast, and demanding, and she opened her eyes, taking in the area around her. She didn't know what courage she had summed up to actually do that, but she felt an adrenaline rush pumping through her veins as she bit her lip, clutching her dress at the seams.

Christina Perri - The Words