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A normal morning for Nagi was comprised of a good Western breakfast, including scrambled eggs, bacon, and steaming, golden pancakes. The Tachibana household was a normal, suburban one, but his stepfather owned a small restaurant chain. Taking a small bite out of the food on the platter, Nagi continued to chew until half the plate was gone, without his notice. Was that why the breakfast was so good? Was it just because he was a good chef? Although Nagi didn't really get along with this man, his siblings did.

"Father! I got a promotion at work!" yelled his brother.

"Dad, I'll treat you out for lunch today. It's on me!" yelled his sister.

"Dad, I want to burn that man walking near our house! Is that fine with you?" was exactly what Nagi thought every day his siblings acted so childishly. It wasn't really enough to get him angry or annoyed, or even anything of the sort, but it was almost definitely pesky.

It was then when the Tachibana siblings left for their jobs, when Nagi hopped on his bike and rode to the newspaper company's office. It wasn't a terrible wage, being a newspaper boy. For the work needed, it was definitely enough, as no prior experience of anything was needed to do something that simple. After gathering up a good 30 to 40 newspapers in the bicycle basket, he set off on the 'wonderful' journey on wheels that was his job. Of course, to save time, he pedaled faster and threw more, but he did it anyway.

After a good half hour, a little more than a half of his load was given to the public. Nagi got off his bike and sat at the curb, small beads of sweat rolling down his cheek. "What do they even write in these things...? He grabbed one of the rolls, and opened it up. No one really cared if they didn't get the news paper. It wasn't like he was delivering these to retirement homes for old men to do a crossword. Upon opening the paper, Nagi quietly read the large red headings. "Endemic avian flu traps over 500 under quarantine, Bundang. Thieves steal over 500,000 won from high end store, Cheong-dam-dong." He shrugged, and hopped on his bike again. There wasn't much danger. Bundang wasn't even remotely close by, and thieves? Their asses would literally be on fire if they tried to steal from him.

Plus, he couldn't say much himself.