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Snippet #2618120

located in Seoul, a part of Ataxia, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Seoul


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Character Portrait: Kiyota Mikazuki Character Portrait: Hyun Ji Park Character Portrait: Irenaeus Zolnerowich Character Portrait: Nagi Tachibana
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Беда́ никогда́ не прихо́дит одна́.

If it hadn’t been for his childhood Irenaeus would have probably never have known what the color of night was - or rather lack of. It wasn’t like anything was different though, he still had sleepless nights and tried mornings, and not even an ocean size coffee cup could wake him up. It was hopeless, and he had grown used to it.

“Still up I see,” his sister cracked a smile at him to which he could only slightly scoff at. It was a light jab of half hearted mockery for she suffers the same fate he does. As it turns out, insomnia isn’t all it’s romanticized to be, rather it’s a living nightmare. The world isn’t cut into ‘day’ and ‘nigh’ but rather the feeling of what should and should not be, and it was only his sister that could even fathom what it felt like. “Please go to school today, you’re going to get in trouble with the administration,” so that was the reason she was visiting him.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll go,” he lied easily - sincere as he may be Irenaeus was still human despite what his past life may indicate; and yet as he watched his sister walk away a pang of guilt stabbed him in his heart.

The door shut from downstairs and he knew that for the next seven hours he’d be free. Quickly he slipped on his shoes and grabbed his bike from beside the door, but before he could do that something clouded his vision and down he fell. The die he always had inside his pocket fell out, but he was in too much pain to check and see what the numbers were. From a bystanders view he wouldn’t be surprised if they called the priest, for he knew that his gray eyes were nothing more than swirls of white. Visions didn’t normally impair him of sight, but rather they played scenes in his head of possible scenarios, and he’s learned that the more aggressive the vision the more likely it is to be bad.

First, there was a girl. Her brown hair framed a thin face nicely, and her stare made him think she could see right though him. It wasn’t so much perverse as disturbing for the feeling of having all his secrets laid out in front of her made him want to shut his eyes - as if that would do anything.

But just suddenly as she appeared the image changed and a male made himself known. His eyes were like the sun, and although Irenaeus knew looking at something so bright was bad for him but he just couldn’t stop; it was as if there was another unseen force making him watch something painful.

Irenaeus reached his hand out in a stupidly unconscious move, but luckily for him the boy with the sun in his eyes vanished and in his place stood another boy, this one more or less serious looking than the last.

His body dropped to the floor and he looked up to see the boy above him walking as if the gravity didn’t just increase. Irenaeus called out for help, but the words never made it past the first syllable. It felt as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders, literally, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

And just as it became unbearable he woke up with a jolt and noticed that the sun had moved substantially from when he first passed out. Still shocked by what he had seen it took him minutes to locate his phone and when he saw the time the only thing he could do was be amazed. Three hours he had been gone, and for three hours no one’s tried and help him.

Not wanting to think about it anymore than he had to Irenaeus picked up the die from the floor and grabbed his bike from the stand, not noticing the die landed on 12.

[ H A N . R I V E R ]

Why he was there was a mystery even to himself. From the moment he woke up he should have run up to his room and hid there to feign sickness. But he hadn’t and as a result he rode himself to a river where he had no clue how to get back.But it wasn’t all intuition, rather somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that the water always made him feel calm - no matter how many bad memories he associated with it.

However another one was about to be added, he just didn’t know it yet .