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located in The Long Tale Lands, a part of We All Have Pride, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Long Tale Lands

This land is half grassland and half jungle.


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"You want to attempt to become the next leader. Or do you want to fight for it?"

Akinyi looked into Mowgli’s eyes, mirrors that reflected age, experience, and wisdom. She’d always respected him, knowing he was probably one of the most experienced members of the pride that could offer the most advice to the younger generations…well…if he wasn’t so grumpy all the time. As she opened her mouth to respond, Neveah spoke to her as well.

“Be careful how you word things. A leader must always be confident in herself. Doubt is contagious. And if you like to be leader, then so be it."

Akinyi nodded, completely agreeing with her. In her mind, she cursed at herself for seeming so unsure at first. Her need to seem respectful dipped into weakness. She straightened her back and bowed her head slightly in appreciation.

”Thank you for considering me.”As she looked at Neveah she noticed her smirk.

"Just know, if you want to be leader. Keeping secrets from the pride- isn't healthy. Just some advice.”

Just some advice? It sounded more like a threat rather than advice. The look in her eyes made Akinyi incredibly uncomfortable, though she didn’t show it. Akinyi knew that Neveah had some supernatural guidance that led her to believe that she held secrets. Though she was right, Akinyi relaxed in the fact that although Neveah might be aware that she was hiding something, she didn’t know what it was. That was what was important. She turned to Mowgli first.

”I will fight for it if necessary. Now is a vulnerable time for our pride,” Akinkyi then turned to look at Neveah. ”And we cannot afford to do without a leader for too long. The pride deserves a someone who is willing to fight for it no matter the circumstances.” She looked down for a second, then looked back up at Neveah with a smile.

“I've learned…that we're all entitled to have our secrets. We all have them, you, I, and even nature itself. If I ever needed to reveal my secrets, for my pride, I would do so, but not if it would weaken it in the process. Like doubt, weakness is also contagious, and in time we’re in now, it could and would be deadly. So until my secrets cause harm to this pride, they shall remain my burden to bear. I wouldn’t think of putting my burdens on the heads of my fellow comrades.”