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Alvina Erinyes

Alvina simply arched a brow hearing that she would stay in inferno. It seemed like she was being punished harder then she thought. Normally venturing into the human realm with Vincent under these circumstances would give them a reasonable alibi for anything that had set up to happen, now while staying would give Alvina greater control over what would happen she truly felt she was being thrown to the wolves, being left with Bavol, who live Alvina had just helped throw into chaos. Chikyu who from what Alvina could tell despises everything that she is. And of course Satan, she wished nothing to do with him, even under the best of circumstance. Of course if she failed upon any aspect she also had to watch out for the wrath of her master.

" Half breeds?" she thought for a moment as she glanced over at Vincent's book, her instincts always told her she should steal that book one day and sell it to the highest bidder, but that would be a foolish move, and fools end up dead. " Any use for them?...or are they just annoying creatures?" she said referring to the half demon children, in all honesty she did not care if they were useful or not, it showed a thoughtful nature which she knew Vincent would look for. When Vincent came to rest from his pacing in front of her, she met his gaze. She knew she was being called out.

" I am to be left under the crushing gaze of satan while the other two lords positively hate anything to do with you, which by virtue of association means me?.... No objections, should be entertaining" Raising one of her fingers she made it clear that she had not finished talking. " However i would like to make one request.." she turned her finger and gestured roughly in the direction that the maid who got booted through the door lied. " I want her to serve as my assistant during your absence... she might learn something" Alvina was no teacher unlike Vincent, and as such was very stern with anyone working under Vincent. It was odd though that she was requesting an assistant as she could be seen as almost completely solitary.

Standing up she once again she made a very calculated move in bowing her head slightly, it was to show that she was not making a challenge and that she was still technically sub servant to him but from her earlier words she still showed her determined nature. " We should probably send a message to Satan to inform him of the arrangement...Would you like me to fetch one of the messengers?" Finally she seemed to break her gaze away from Vincent as she moved away from the sofa, but it soon became clear she was still watching as sitting in the doorway was her familiar Umbra, acting once again as her second set of eyes. The familiar was instructed not to enter the office, but it was keen to return to her masters side. Coming to stand next to her Familiar she rested a hand on its head as she looked back towards Vincent. She would not leave with out being dismissed but she felt that their conversation was coming to a close, and she did not want to be in that office any longer, she wished to get prepared for what was coming.