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located in The Long Tale Lands, a part of We All Have Pride, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Long Tale Lands

This land is half grassland and half jungle.


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Akinyi quietly stalked a herd of zebra through the tall grass. Crouching low to the ground she assessed her current situation, judging distance and the time it'd take to cover that distance. As she did her calculations she glanced around at her fellow hunters, Tariq, a large black panther, and Lourdes, a female bobcat. The group didn't match as far as looks go, but as a team they were a force to be reckoned with.

Tariq scanned the herd of zebras while taking in a deep breath. Not too far from the hidden group was a mother with her calf. The mother however was very injured. The male panther was surprised the female zebra was even standing. The mother always seemed to be forgotten by the herd. Usually, calves would be surrounded by a large gathering of adults. Meaning protection for the baby and the mother. It seemed cruel for the zebra mother and the calf to be the targets. However, Tariq knew his pride stomachs were more important.

Lourdes could tell what zebras, Tariq picked to be his victims. She greatly disapproved. She nudged him and whispered, "You don't normally pick easy prey. I keep telling you, killing a mother and her calf are bad luck."

The black panther bared his teeth at the bobcat. "No time to be picky."

Akinyi watched the two as Lourdes fussed at Tariq. "He's right Lourdes. We need all we can get. Though maybe," Akinyi turned her words to Tariq. "You should leave the calf be. Let it grow." She hated the thought of killing a mother and child, but she knew that they had to take down as much prey as they could. The mother would already be an easy enough target so taking out a small calf was unnecessary. Though Tariq had his eyes on the weaker prey, Akinyi had her eyes set on a larger zebra, a loner from what she could tell. He was at the very edge of the herd, dozing. The rest of the herd paid him no attention which led her to her original conclusion. Though his size was considerable, he'd be caught off guard and would be slow to react. That would be his demise. Even then, she'd still probably be able to take him out, for he was too young to be experienced yet old enough to be an adult. Akinyi licked her lips in anticipation. "Are you prepared to attack?

Tariq nodded. "Not all three us need to be attacking the mother. She's injured and forgotten. I can take her myself. So Lourdes, assist Akinyi." The male looked the lioness in the eye. "We should make sure to attack at the same time. So none of our prey get mix into the crowd."

Lourdes glared at Tariq, hating his condescending tone. Lourdes assist, Akinyi. Hmph, if you weren't nice looking... I swear.

Akinyi nodded to Tariq. As she split from him, she whispered back to Lourdes. "What I'll do is sneak up from his right and drive him here to the left. That'll isolate him even more. I want you to position yourself, and I'll lead him to you. As soon as he's within ten to six feet, I want you to pounce. That way, if he doesn't react in time we will both get him. If he does, the surprise should slow him down long enough for me to still catch him from behind." She turned and smiled at Lourdes. "With us working together. He doesn't stand a chance. Let's do our best.

Lourdes purred in response. When the lioness started stalking to the right of the zebra male. She crawled on the ground and moved a little south of her original position. Then to the left, ending in the correct spot Akinyi was supposed to lead the zebra during attack. Due to the bobcat's size it was impossible for her to easily be spotted but, hard for her to see over the large grass. Thankfully there was no need to. She could see the strong legs of the lone male. Lourdes mouth watered, she dug her claws into the ground, and braced herself. The female went into a crouched, prepping her legs for a high jump. Quickly she glanced over her shoulder to check on Tariq.

Tariq was stalking the mother who was resting beside a tree. It was disturbing how he was nothing, but another shadow. Especially at night, he could incredibly close to prey. The male was about fifteen tail lengths away from his target. The mother was facing away from him so he would have tackle her down or deal with a long chase. Tariq was a big male with average speed, so he should be fine. When the black panther liked his distance, he stopped moving. Lourdes looked over at Akinyi, to see if she was ready. Waiting for one of two other hunters to sound the signal and attack.

Akinyi watched her comrades get in place, as she got closer and closer to the male zebra making sure her distance from him was as small as possible. As soon as they'd assumed their positions, Akinyi cautiously raised the tip of her tail just above the grass, the signal to begin the attack. She bounded forward, coming up on the zebra's right. As she thought, he was slow on his feet, sleep still gripping him. He ran to the left, and Akinyi guided him to Lourdes, right on his heels.

Once Tariq saw the tip of Akinyi's tail. He silently sprinted for the mother. The mother attempted to run but, her injured hind slowed her down. He latched his claws into her hind, and made himself dead weight. The zebra screamed before collapsing under Tariq. The calf scurried off in a random direction. Confused and terrified - it only knew it had to get away. The poor calf barely was able to catch up with its herd. Tariq dragged his right paw down on the zebra's right hind. Causing blood to spill over. He then wiggled his front leg free from under his victim. Who tried to get up again but, the panther roared. Then launched himself at her neck. His teeth easily sliding in her soft flesh. The flavors of a zebra poured over his tongue. Tariq then heaved his right front leg over the mother's neck, while he was still biting. He used his whole body to twist the zebra's neck and snap it. Long Tale's new meal struggled to the very end.

Lourdes heart pumped pure adrenaline through her veins. Once the lone zebra was six tail-lengths away. She charged forward, and when the two were only four tail-lengths away, she jump high in the air. The small cat frighten the inexperienced male and stumbled back. He turn around but, he was already exhausted. So one couldn't call his attempt at escaping running.

He stalled! As soon as the zebra turned, Akinyi had already pounced into the air. She sunk her rear claws deep in his haunches, thus weakening his hind legs. He stumbled to the ground with Akinyi gripping his neck with her jaws. She pulled him to the ground as hard as she could further stunning him. She twisted her head around, quickly breaking his neck. He went limp in her jaws. She slowly withdrew her claws and fangs from him and looked up at Lourdes. "That was perfect!" She turned around and saw that Tariq was also successful in his kill. She smiled at her comrades proud of their work. [color=#FF000]"Well this hunt was a success. Let's take this back to the pride."[/color] Akinyi grabbed the zebra with her jaws and began to pull him.

After pulling the meat through the faction to the feeding rock, Akinyi watched as Tariq and Lourdes tore off pieces of meat and ate nearby. Soon, other cats came up and helped themselves to the food. After a few others took some meat, Akinyi took a piece for herself and set herself on another rock, one that was close to the water as well. She sighed. Tonight was a great night, the sky was clear and the stars sparkled brightly. She smiled and began to tear off small pieces of her meat, chewing thoughtfully thinking about the next time she’d let herself transform again. Deciding on doing it the next night she took another strip of meat in her mouth.

A moment later, she heard soft footsteps behind her. She then noticed that they came to a complete stop, but soon after resumed but much quieter and much slower than before. Akinyi smiled to herself, but pretended not to notice. Once again the footsteps stopped. She giggled slightly and counted in her head. 3..2…1. On one, she ducked down, and a small cub went flying over her head. ”AAHHH!” He landed a short distance away. Akinyi chuckled slightly. Dex stood and brushed himself off. ”You could hear me?” He looked slightly disappointed. The little hunter in training scrambled over to Akinyi. After laughing a little bit more she replied, ”Yes, but you were better this time.” He huffed, and sat next to where Akinyi rested. ”I’m gonna do it eventually…” Dex was one of the cubs she frequented at the den, and he’d made it a goal to successfully stalk and pounce on her. He laid his head down on the rock next to her. Feeling he deserved a reward, she ripped off a chunk of her portion of meat and placed it in front of him. His face lit up as he dug in, with Akinyi observing him and eating the rest of her food.

When he finished he smiled and licked the blood off his mouth. Akinyi couldn’t help but grin back at him as she petted the top of his head. ”Isn’t it about your bedtime? You should get some rest little one.” As if suddenly remembering his tiredness, he yawned. ”It is isn’t it? Oh well! He slid off the rock and began to scamper back. ”I’ll see you later Kinni! He giggled and ran back. Akinyi shook her head at the silly nickname he’d given her. She looked up at the stars once more as she laid her head on her paws.