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Mnemosyne || Mind/Memory Reading || #38ACEC ||

      The Han River proved to be a longer bike than expected, although Hyun blamed traffic for that. She would have much preferred to disobey red lights and proper lanes but she didn't have a death wish. If she did, she would have just worked at the liquor store. That place was a stranglehold even in thought form. She shuddered to think about being confined to the stockroom or cash register while her parents went to pick up her brothers or took their rare, one hour breaks from working.

      "Hey what's supposed to be over here anyway?" she asked as she scoped the area.

      "They say there's a ghost that comes out at night."

      "No way man, ghosts aren't real."

      "Then how do you explain the missing body of the suicide that happened a few months back?"

      "That wasn't a suicide! She clearly got murdered."

      "You guys are both dumb," Hyun sighed, "if you both wanted to hang out that badly you should have just said so."

      Her two friends, Byun-Hun and Chang-Min were the two best friends she could ever ask for but only because they always knew when to give her space. They did not however, when not to give her space. She acted as somewhat of an enigma when it came to social interactions, constantly pushing forward and pulling back like an uneven game of tug-of-war. Granted, most of it was pushing forward but only at her convenience. She supposed it also didn't help that she never showed any semblance of romantic interest toward other people. It made her seem almost inhuman, which she was.

      I did, I said I wanted to go to the damn cafe and you turned me down, Chang-Min thought with a pang of annoyance.

      "Well you know I thought it would be more fun this way," he shrugged.

      "Why don't you go ask that guy? He seems like he might know a thing or two," Byun-Hun asked, "looks weird enough. He's like Nero's illegitimate brother."

      "Wasn't he an orphan?" Hyun retorted.

      Nonetheless, she nodded and approached the man with white hair, putting on a smile before she tapped him on the shoulder.

      "This is going to sound weird, but my friends and I are doing a book report so I was wondering if you know about any ghost stories or legends of the Han River."