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Snippet #2618752

located in The Long Tale Lands, a part of We All Have Pride, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Long Tale Lands

This land is half grassland and half jungle.


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Character Portrait: Nuru Character Portrait: Nevaeh Character Portrait: Vale Character Portrait: Kanta Rachana Character Portrait: Mowgli Character Portrait: Betyr Character Portrait: Seryn Character Portrait: Akinyi Character Portrait: Nina Character Portrait: NPC Characters
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Betyr was disgruntled, but true to his word, and despite her high claims of them killing her after she told them what the Pride wanted to know (really? Could Feline decency not be trusted anymore?); his lips fell, covering his barred teeth, and his tension coiled frame eased into a weary, but watchful pose. His pinned ears perking forward, listening, as the young adult female eopard, Kanta now named, rambled on with her story. From an apology to mistaking himself for a common boulder, to dangerously poking Nuru and Nuru's temper, and explaining her running the entire pride apparently in circles - and some brief mention of an 'accidental' run in with the wildebeest herd, ending in blood splattered paws.

He had every intention of bringing her back to the faction proper for further questioning, and for Nevaeh to make a decision on whether or not the Leopard was worth the Long Tales' pride's effort, or suspicion, or any other eventuality. However, Betyr didn't have time to speak to her, let alone bring this Kanta back, before Nevaeh made an appearance around the grumpy questioning Mowgli. The anger of such a rude wake-up-call was fading, but faced with a down-right giddy Nevaeh, it'd merely transformed into mild confusion. It was the truth that Long Tale was created by, and welcomed cats of all sizes, types, and ages, to make them what they were today. But, Kanta was far older than the usual cub-aged, or youthful juveniles. It was something most would raise a weary brow at, and would be watching the young female closely, however, trusting and respecting the Wise One's decision came easily enough, if reluctantly.

"Very well, Nevaeh," Betyr nodded, rumbling softly. His old persona returned, the momentary fierce anger gone but for the brief flare he'd shown. Turning away to look at Nuru for them to take Kanta back to settle in a den, a bristled, raging Nina barreled past, standing in front of Kanta, snarling. His ears' pinned and eyes narrow reproachfully through her hissing and spitting comments, clearly showing he was re-thinking his earlier comments of following the Snow Leopard's leadership if it came to it. Oh, he remembered her when she'd been found, a young juvenile himself, learning the ropes of being a Warrior. It was understandable in a sense her concern for the other cat, and the up-her-tail feelings regarding being chased and hunted, however... However, Kanta was nigh an adult, and not a cub. Even fearful, she should have known better to be running around the heart of a Pride's home would not end up with anyone giving her the kind favor of a 'sweet' introduction. So, forgive him ancestor's, but she could toughen up and stuff her tail for once...

Nina bolted shortly after her fiery speech, with Vale quick after her. Betyr followed Nuru's glance to Nevaeh, but with a slight, declining nod of the lioness head, neither warrior followed after. Nuru gestured for both, Betyr and Kanta, to follow him, before padding to return to the faction's home. "Kanta," He mused, lightly, flicking an ear in a gesture for her to follow in Nuru's pawsteps, before bringing up the rear himself.


"Thank you so much, Seryn. You would think I would be graceful by now,"

"N-...No, worries, Nevaeh. Ma-... Maybe one day!" Seryn snorted, in weary, wheezing amusement as finally, through a combination of Nevaeh's brute force, and the young cheetah's far daintier limbs twisting in and under the get a better grip that sheer strength couldn't do on it's own, had pulled Nevaeh's paw free of the entrapping tree route relatively quickly. She followed, with a shamelessly lolling tongue, gathering on the outskirts of the half-circle around the unknown Leopard female, bordering the river-side.

Everything was happening was swiftly, it left Seryn peering curiously at this 'Kanta' momentarily, before turning to leave herself. Certainly, Lourdis and Tariq, were not wrong to complain in mutters about another mouth, one they did not know what she could possible provide for the Pride herself to help care for all of the Pride, to feed. But Nevaeh's off-putting happiness of a new member, combined with the earlier reactions of everyone, including her "brother" Betyr ready to jump and pin this unknown stranger down, and Nina's furious outburst. Well... It left Seryn with a curious distaste in her mouth, or maybe it was the fact that she hadn't been able to get a drink yet? Humph. Who knew...


Into the Night...

"Good fortune, and... Do be careful?" Seryn purred in good humor, giving a friendly tail-whack across Betyr's broad chest as he rose for the late evening patrol, after eating his own small portion of the fine meal, Akinyi, Lourdes, and Tariq, had caught earlier. "Always, Seryn. Good night." Flicking his tail gently across her nose, his distant form and 'glowing' pelt was soon joined by what looked like Velora, and maybe someone else, joining him, before the two or three disappeared out the tunnel, towards the savanna and the border's beyond "Good night." Seryn whispered softly to herself. It was true, by the time that patrol returned, the moon would be high in the sky, and herself, and hopefully most of the pride would be fast asleep by then. She rose to clean the leftover mess the two of them had left with quick efficiently. The bones deposited in the pile, the leftover hide in another, and a bit of meat left-over that neither had finished - she frowned thoughtfully, not hungry enough to finish it herself, and knew Betyr would not want it later. Who then too...?

Oh. Seryn spotted Kanta. Probably too nervous yet to eagerly walk up to the prey-rock, or not quite believing she was apart of the Pride - "just like that". It seemed to the cheetah, that the Leopard had not had anything to eat, yet. Cautiously, even though she was a rather rambunctious, leaf on the wind type of cat, she picked up the left-over meat chunk and made her way to a few feet away but just in front of the other young adult female. She made a quick head toss the rest of the distance, to let the meat land right at the other's paw-tips. "Here, didn't look like you'd eaten yet... There's more at the rock, if you're still hungry." She hummed, evenly. Not quite friendly, but open enough, proper enough.