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located in The Senate Building, a part of Monsters, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Senate Building

The Location for All Senate Meetings.


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The government of Salus consisted of two parts. The executive leader, currently Mr.Kingsdale, was a vampire born sometime in the fourteenth century. The legislative group, or the Senate, consisted of thirty or so individuals, each one representing a different species.

Currently, the Senate was the group dealing with the matters of the captured Hunters. They'd deliberated for two days over the matter so far- during which time the Hunters had been in the prisons of the city. It had ended up a close vote on their decision to deal with them.

Half of the group had wanted to kill them outright, and the other half wanted to try to see if these Hunters could be taught to think differently. It had been a one vote difference that led to the Hunters staying alive.

Which was why, now, they'd summoned all the Hunters to their meeting hall. All the Supernaturals involved in their capture had also been summoned. The Hunters wouldn't be able to do much to try to escape- they'd been restrained with magic before being brought in, and had a protective barrier between them and everyone else- which was as much for their safety as for those gathered.

"Welcome my brothers and sisters-" the speaker for the Senate, the faerie representative, Caroline Bennett, addressed the Supernaturals in the room first, "First, myself and the other members of the Senate would like to congratulate on the first successful mission to capture a Hunter in over fifty years. Second, it pleases me to inform you that we have come to a general agreement on how we are to deal with them." Her gaze flicked to the Hunters, before she turned to address them.

"Hunters. You have violated the laws of every country, species, and indiviudal and in this room. You have killed in cold-blood, and while our traditional punishment for such actions would be immediate death, we have agreed to express leniency in this matter. You will be given six months to denounce your prior actions. Else, your execution sentence will be enacted, and you will die."