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located in The Senate Building, a part of Monsters, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Senate Building

The Location for All Senate Meetings.


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Character Portrait: Anthony / Antoinette Lev'ian Character Portrait: Nicole Harrington Character Portrait: Alia Vulpin Character Portrait: Artemis Carey Character Portrait: Ashling Jacynth
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Ashling Jacynth, most commonly known as Ash, sighed in relief and looked towards the Hunters with a glad shine in her eye. The sentence they'd been so mercifully given was kinder than what had been entirely possible, and she was glad. She didn't want to have helped in the capture of these Hunters just to see them instantly killed despite what they'd probably done to other Supernaturals. But to gain their freedom and escape the death penalty... they'd have to denounce what they'd done, say all the crimes they'd commited were wrong. But to her, they didn't seem to be too remorseful and it made her feel sick, though she wouldn't admit it. The Hunters would never do something of their own accord as they seemed to be a prideful, stubborn kind of people that would need some nudging. With this realization, she gazed back to the current speaker with a curious gaze as she thought... 'Who will aid in this change? How will this happen?'

Ash had been summoned here for a reason and it probably wasn't for getting a metal for capturing Hunters... something was nagging at the back of her mind. Ash bit her lip and waited patiently, brushing a loose strand of hair back behind her ear as she listened for the Representative's next words if there were any to be heard. Maybe it would be left open-ended and allow Supernaturals to volunteer, but she felt that might lead to more volunteers that would rather kill the Hunters than help them. So, Ash thought, there had to have been something else figured out. Closing her eyes, Ash thought silently to herself in worry and curiosity, asking herself all sorts of questions to distract herself a bit from the tension she could already feel building in the room.

Ash couldn't help as her eyes opened and she looked to the Hunters again. This time her mind wandered to how young they were, how young they must have been when they started training to be this good at their age. She thought either they were taught a very deep-rooted, unreasonable hatred towards Supernaturals or it was just the natural human fear of the unknown that caused them to kill her kind so easily. Then again, Ash wasn't a Hunter so she didn't know... she didn't know why her parents were killed when her mother had just defended her family. But she supposed there were things about all humans she would never understand.