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Upon hearing Schuyler's response to her words she found herself wanting to just let all of her wrath out on him. Though just before she was getting ready to speak the politician came out with her best friend. She looked very disgusted though something was a bit off about her. That would be something she would discuss with her when they got home.

Freya sighed a bit, trying her best to calm herself down so she wouldn't be rude while on the job, which was honestly becoming a very difficult thing to do. Though she couldn't help but think that maybe the agitating male was right. Even though she needed the money and desperately, there could always be a different way to get it. The only thing is, she wasn't sure how she would do it. Every other job just seemed to toss her out the door by a single look at her. Part of her believed it had something to do with some sort of discrimination but she just seemed to shrug it off every time.

When everyone was ready to leave, she sensed Schuyler's hand just hovering at the small of her back but she wanted nothing more than for him to touch her. She wanted to feel his touch. Freya couldn't seem to understand why that was and maybe it had something to do with her strange dreams but she hoped that this urge wouldn't overtake her tonight. That would definitely end up becoming something that would be interesting trying to explain.

Freya climbed into the vehicle after Samara and leaned over towards her, whispering into her ear, "Hey, is everything alright?" she questioned.

With that Samara shook her head and whispered back, "He did much more than I allow," she stated as she slightly raised the hem of her dress up to show the outside of her right thigh, showing a huge bruise.

Immediately Freya found herself getting angry and she climbed out of the vehicle with nothing more than a purpose to put this man in his place. She didn't care if he were a politician or not, nobody lays their hands on people she cares about.

Freya pushed passed Schuyler and got right in the man's face. "Look, I don't care how big and bad you are. You harmed my best friend and nobody does that on my watch! You can take your fancy little limo and large bank account and just shove it up your ass!" she stated just before she slapped the man. Just then she turned to help Samara out of the vehicle but she was caught by the politician.

The male violently turned her around by pulling on her wrist. "Let me go."