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Snippet #2620596

located in The Senate Building, a part of Monsters, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Senate Building

The Location for All Senate Meetings.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Anthony / Antoinette Lev'ian Character Portrait: Nicole Harrington Character Portrait: Alia Vulpin Character Portrait: Artemis Carey Character Portrait: Jared Harrows Character Portrait: Ashling Jacynth
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"What do I think about us trying to babysit a couple of humans that, may I remind you, still want to kill us?" Alia asked, glancing over to the group of hunters. Her eyes narrowed on one that looked like he was plain mad, muttering and everything. "Why I think it's just a brilliant plan, I'm practically jumping with excitement." Alia said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She looked back to her 'group', one of her tails twitching with annoyance.

"Truly, do you guys honestly think that this is going to turn out even remotely well? Surely you realize that all humans are capable of is lying, cheating and murder. We'll never be able to change their minds about us. We're the monsters to them, they are incapable of seeing it any other way, cause if they do, if they see that they are the monsters, they are the killers? Well, that would make them the bad guys, wouldn't it? And they will never accept that. This is just a waste of my time, you guys are in denial if you believe that you could ever make them change." Alia finished, sitting back, content now that they know they are fools, even if they don't recognize it. Humans could never change, it wasn't in their nature. Sure, they are useful for some things (feeding and replenishing powers come to mind), but in the end? They are nothing but beasts, too caught up trying to be the heroes to see that they are the true villains in the situation. No matter what they do, what anyone could do, it won't change that fact. She knows. She tried once, and trust her when she says, it did not end well. Actually, it was the farthest from 'well' that one could get, and she did not want to try again, but as she looks up to the Senate, she realized that she probably didn't have much choice in the matter. Well, at least it was a challenge. Who didn't love a good challenge?