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Vincent Price

“They’re more annoying than they are useful but they are expendable.” He replied to her questions. What Vincent said is true, well to him anyway. The pesky half breeds are always whining about being the freak in society when in fact they were superior to the regular human. It was when they were compared to a true demon, a Superior demon, that they became inferior. Alvina’s words rung true. The Prince had no intention of working under Satan’s scrutinizing glare and while the woman before him was quite useful, he wouldn’t hesitate to let her take the fall. Of course that’d require his plans to be discovered. Plans that have been in the works for years. There was no way he was going to have it all go down the drain after all the work he put into it.

A brow was raised in question at the gesture Alvina made to signify she wasn’t done just yet. “A request?” He deliberately said it slowly to show that she was toeing the line. Blue orbs flickered over to where she had pointed. It was the maid the Prince of Earth had kicked as a means of announcing his arrival. He looked at her as if contemplating whether he should give in to Alvina’s request. He really only did it to annoy the woman. “You want her? Mm I don’t see why not.” Shrugging his shoulders as he spoke, Vincent took note of the bow. It was good to know she was still subject to his words, but her request put a miniscule splotch on it.

Vincent walked back to stand behind his desk. The demon noticed that her familiar, Umbra, had arrived. The familiar stood by its master who was now at the door. “Yes do send a messenger.” He waved his hand at her as if to shoo her off. It was his way of telling her that she may go. Like Alvina he had much to prepare for however his preparations would be much different from hers. Hands shuffled through a stack of papers all of which needed his seal of approval but he eventually glanced back up to see if his subordinate had left already. He was glad to see that the maid she had requested to aid her was gone as well. "Such useless people I swear." He said with a frown.

After going over all the necessary paperwork Vincent left his office and to his personal quarters. They were off limits to the majority of the staffs and only a select few were allowed to enter. Those select few were all mute so that they wouldn't be able to inform anyone outside of his circle of what he was doing. It wasn't like he was doing anything truly bad but it certainly could be deemed as suspicious.