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Freya was immediately shocked when she noticed how quickly Schuyler had reacted to the way the senator had been treating her. She heard the bones in the senator's arm crunch within the grip of Schuyler's though before she had any chance to say anything Schuyler spoke up, telling her to leave. Though instead of calling her Freya, she heard the name Belle. Who was Belle?

"You should go...quickly." she heard, causing her to immediately snap herself out of her thoughts and she climbed into the vehicle, dragging Samara out with her.

"Come on, let's go," she stated once she was out of the vehicle and beginning to head in the direction towards their home in a fast pace. Upon reaching the other side of the corner, she called a taxi and the two women climbed inside. "4540 Chanson Street," she stated to the driver as she closed the door.

The driver went down the road, taking the women back to their home. With a sigh she pulled her wallet out of her purse and handed him the money for the ride and helped Samara out of the cab. Upon entering their home she closed the door and let out a soft sigh as she glanced over at her best friend. "So what really happened?" she questioned as she moved herself over to the couch and sat down beside Samara.

"He...he...he forced me to do things I told him I wasn't going to do. He would hit me any time I fought back."

Immediately Freya felt rage grow in her heart. The man had the nerve to hurt her best friend and forced her into doing things she wasn't comfortable with. Yes, they may have been in a dangerous and somewhat whorish line of work. But that didn't give anyone the permission to treat her best friend the way the senator had.

Unlike prostitutes they had lines that shouldn't get crossed. With Samara and Freya they're both different, but they both have their lines. Freya sighed as she looked over to Samara and spoke, "I know we need the money but we'll have to find a different way to get it. Even if it takes a while. We're not doing this again, not after what happened tonight," she demanded before standing to her feet.

"I'm going to go get a shower. Don't hesitate to come get me if you need me Boo," she stated before retreating to the bathroom.