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Snippet #2621524

located in Dentarius, a part of Tales of Dentarius, one of the many universes on RPG.


Welcome to Dentarius, we serve any and all but will not be ruled by the Everlands. To join us is to site freedom.


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Character Portrait: Kane Elcarus
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The air was cool as Kane made his way through the grounds, his hands still aching from the work he'd been doing, it was all worth to to see his home finally beginning to emerge from the ruins it was before.

The sun had begun to sink on the horizon, an orange light now beginning to creep across the skies, it also brought the fire sconce's to life around the main paths and walkways. This added yet another layer of mystique to the whole place. Fondly Kane was able to recall younger days of running through the grounds, chasing his brothers or running from them as they played out various games.

Those were times past as more painful memories would surface the final moments as the felled dragon crashed through the mansion destroying it and taking two of his brothers with it. Kane pulled his cloak to himself pushing the memories aside as he made his way toward the lower area of the grounds, the graveyard that held his mother and his brothers. It also laid to rest several family friends and those most loyal to their family.

As he reached the gate he stood looking down over the graves, the gates remain closed but he knew they would be watching, here those that rested were always watching.