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Snippet #2621695

located in Beacon Academy, a part of RWBY: Bloodmoon Rising, one of the many universes on RPG.

Beacon Academy



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Character Portrait: Arian Blaidd Character Portrait: Sienna Rosa Character Portrait: Solomon Somber Character Portrait: Dyandin Eckhart
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It was a rough morning, Well that is how they all start, Eckhart himself was having a particularly tiresome morning already, The announcement echoed through the halls, Waking Eckhart up instantly, Even though it was on the job description, a wink of sleep is well-needed.

After his daily morning routine, This started the cycle of pain, On his morning walk, His offering to a small child of sweets, was dismissed, as his appearance was quite terrifying, effectively scaring the child away, It was disheartening to say the least. Trying to get a lady across the street was a bit of an ordeal too, Eckhart had to carry her limp body over to the hospital, as the lady collapsed from shock,Ah...I should really stop doing this.., but he couldn't if he tried, His menacing appearance is completely juxtaposed with his kind nature. His soft personality wouldn't let him turn away someone in need, but they usually come off as worse, Huh..

But Eckhart had little time to stay sorrowful, It was mission time, This was a day of excitement, Thoughts of happiness filled his mind, His mood changed from becoming even more cheerful then before the cycle, After all, Every Huntsmen fears for their own life, but most of them are skilled enough that they are too busy enjoying the fight to stay anxious, And Eckhart was no exception, Contradictory to his warm personality, He is more brutal then most, making being his friend, sound more appealing then opposing him.

Eckhart slowly walked to the auditorium, still a bit tired from the rude awakening, and because of the clunk of iron that has become his flesh and bone, Meeting his team in the cluster of people, As the blonde haired woman stepped up to the podium. "Those taking up arms, please step forward! Those who are not ready please report to your classes."Thank you, now there are several missions all over the globe that are up for the taking, please choose wisely, each mission has two chaperones, high-ranking huntsmen and huntresses. Once you have selected your mission speak to your chaperones and begin to head to the launchpads for deployment. Remember that the Grimm feed on fear and anxiety."

After the long speech, Eckhart feeling that it's purpose was to repel then attract willing warriors, the silver wolf himself started with some small talk, after glancing at the fox-faunas known as Sienna, The iron giant found himself near the "boss man", He eagerly waited for Solomon's response to the question, It wasn't much, But Eckhart's helmeted head turned to the leader himself, Words of Wisdom, Inspiration, What was the marksmen going to enlighten the team with?