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"Sorry about - Ah, it's you two." Chester was startled out of his awestruck when someone nearly barreled into him. Moreover for two more titans to have found their way to them left him shocked. The man that apologized to him was incredibly good looking, tall and slim and it looked like he had been dragged to them by a younger girl with long brown hair and determined eyes. His eyes widened at the realization that nearly half the titans were standing before him, right at this moment, after years of not even feeling them. Chester opened his mouth in the attempt to say something back, but his jaw closed and he ended up imitating a fish out of water. Cronus tore his attention away from the new titans.

Chester had tensed the moment he saw Cronus, but the moment his vessel started speaking it broke his awestruck and a huge grin replaced his gaping mouth. Themis was beside him and Cronus was in front of him. This was his family, the family that he had spent all of his time looking for for the last two years. Her name was Adelaide, and she seemed full of life. Even when she spoke so casually of Conus Chester felt amazed. She seemed completely at ease with the situation before her, and Chester wondered if her heart pounded in her chest the way his did when he looked at her.

“Well aren’t you two just the cutest things.” The white haired boy couldn’t keep the blush off his cheeks at the comment on their appearances. He figured that it was because they were young, both Castiel and himself were young, but Chester himself was nearly a teenager now, clearly too old to warrant being called ‘cute’.

Now what. That was the big question and even though had spent all his time fantasizing about meeting his fellow titans and destroying humanity, now that they were there, right in front of him, he felt his mind drawing a blank. How did you even go about bringing the end to an entire species. The powers that Coeus gave him wasn’t strong enough on its own to bring humanity to its knees so he hadn’t even considered wrecking havoc when he had been by himself, but with the other titans his horizons were expanding. But if the other vessels were anything like Chester they would all need to train and build up their individual power. Still, five titans together may have the ability to destroy a city.

“My goodness you two really are cute, I could just eat you up.” That was the second time the woman had called them cute, but this time she pulled both he and Castiel into a warm hug. It caught him off guard and Coeus stirred inside him. Adele did not seem like she would take him seriously because of his age, and that irritated him to an extent. Coming in contact with Cronus was a completely different experience than just feeling his aura, Chester could only describe it as soul crushing. He squirmed away from her grasp and looked at the handsome man who had spoken first.

“Well, isn’t obvious? We are all here for a reason, we should destroy this city.” He said it confidently, with cold eyes and clenched fists, and made sure to run his eyes over all his siblings so they knew he was serious. Chester had long since abandoned the idea of staying loyal to his human side. Only Coeus had been there when he was alone, and Coeus was the one who had granted him the power to escape his old home. He would do anything Coeus wanted him to do, his loyalty resided only in Coeus. He looked at all of them as Adele gave a cue for the group to become aquainted.

“My name is Chester Calico, I’m twelve, and Coeus resides inside of me.”