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Snippet #2622010

located in Earth, a part of Ataxia, one of the many universes on RPG.


Literally where everything will take place. Locations will be added upon request


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Character Portrait: Castiel Starr Character Portrait: Rezu Sonova Character Portrait: Chester Andrew Calico Character Portrait: Adelaide Sucrauss Character Portrait: Gale Pepperman
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"Everyone calls me pretty boy; can't you be more original?" One of Gale's eyebrows raised. He was a pretty boy; she was calling him what he was. What was she supposed to call him? Maybe she'd call him ugly boy, just to screw with him. Yeah, that was his new nickname. Ugly boy. Gale couldn't help but snicker at his new name.

"Not someone I actually know then. Rezu Sonova; you suck at basic courtesy. People introduce themselves earlier than that." Gale couldn't help but scoff as she maneuvered through the crowd. Thankfully it was smaller than before, so she'd have a much easier time pinpointing the others. "He is right, you know." "Well," Gale murmured in response to Crius, "Human courtesy won't matter soon enough, right?" She uttered it quietly enough so that Rezu wouldn't hear. However the next sentence she made sure was audible. "...Didn't you already tell me your name?"

Whether he responded or not, she did not hear, though taken either way it would not and did not please her. That displeasure took to building as they carried on, coddled by the silence, and boosted by Rezu's next unsatisfactory remark.

"I'm surprised, you did manage to find them." Gale's eye twitched. Rezu was surprised? Their conversation prior to the remark was already enough to irk her, but that he had the nerve to assume she was less than competent! Wow, did that piss her off! In fact, she was more than ready to snap at him. Though before she could say anything, her attention wavered, and for a few seconds she forget he was there. A blissful few seconds, it was. Instead of focusing on Rezu, her eyes focused on three new figures: two males, who couldn't have been older than Gale, and the other was a woman with honey brown curls. The other titans, Gale immediately assumed. Maybe they aren't blossoming assholes, she thought scathingly as Rezu brightened the mood with a bouquet of sarcastic remarks.

When Rezu's bouquet was soiled by the woman's sweetly uttered yet sardonic comment, Gale couldn't help but snigger. Her snigger lasted for a while, up until the white haired boy spoke about destroying the city. Immediately the chuckle faded, and was replaced by a look of strong enthusiasm mixed with fierce determination. She could feel Crius stir inside of her as everyone began introducing themselves, along with their titans. Adelaide was the first to speak, followed by Chester, followed by Castiel. Gale took it upon herself to be next. "I'm Gale... Pepperman. Gale Pepperman. I've got Crius, and..." She paused before revealing her age. It was embarrassing that she was fourteen years old and only 5'2"... though not as embarrassing as being, what, 5'0"? That Castiel kid couldn't be taller than that... She smirked. "I'm fourteen."