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Snippet #2622185

located in The Senate Building, a part of Monsters, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Senate Building

The Location for All Senate Meetings.


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Character Portrait: Anthony / Antoinette Lev'ian Character Portrait: Alia Vulpin Character Portrait: Jared Harrows Character Portrait: Ashling Jacynth Character Portrait: Calum Tsukimura
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Stock still, head down, and silent, it was always hard to tell whether Calum was listening. It was impossible to tell how he felt about the situation either, with his mouth obscured by the thick winter scarf at his neck. The white knit brought out the pale blue tinge to the snow-person's skin. He was distant, lost in deep thought while the others prattled around him.

"And if we manage to do it, then we know that Hunters aren't complete Monsters and it's their upbringing that made them this way." Ah. Calum was clearly listening now. He flinched, furrowing his brow. He sometimes forgot that not all supernatural were like him, human once upon a time. Of course they thought of hunters as monsters. He didn't blame them. It was part of the reason why the snow-person kept his own human history a secret.

He hadn't meant to involve himself in all this - after all, Calum preferred a quiet lifestyle away from such critical affairs - but when he saw the hunters, he couldn't just leave them to the other creatures. He couldn’t let the supernatural kill them. And he couldn't let them kill the supernatural, either. The idea of either sank like lead in his stomach. Trapped between an understanding of both sides, no matter how hard he thought about it, Calum couldn't come up with the right solution to this dilemma.

Listening now, the others seem to have agreed on one without him.

The snow-being sat up straighter, pulled his scarf down to speak. "She has a point," he cut in quietly, commenting on the dreamwalker's concerns. "Most supernatural beings have moments when they're vulnerable…" The dreamwalker and incubus while they feed, the faerie and fox while they sleep, perhaps. In any case, Calum continued to speak, calm and slow.

"But me... my body doesn't require sleep," he explained almost clinically, looking at no one in particular. "I don't need food, either. But I'm physically frail and I don't want to use my abilities directly on the hunters. They'll notice and use that, so I can't stay around one alone for too long. Instead of pairing up with one human, I'll be backup. I can take over when someone else needs aid or rest."

As for who paired up with who, he had no opinion, so he would let the others discuss that for themselves. When the senate speaker finished the meeting, Calum was quiet. Follow the humans or discuss further, it didn't matter to him. He just wanted to steer this situation down most peaceful path without getting too close himself.