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located in The Senate Building, a part of Monsters, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Senate Building

The Location for All Senate Meetings.


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Character Portrait: Nicole Harrington Character Portrait: Artemis Carey Character Portrait: Kyle Langley Character Portrait: Nathaniel Holter
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It was no time for jokes. Helpless in enemy hands with no clear way out, Artemis hated just how useless he felt. But he'd been with Nathan long enough to know the reason behind the man's humor, and he couldn't bring himself to be angry at his teammate. Not in this situation. Not right now.

Instead he let his shoulders go slack, tired of fighting the magic ties. They weren't going to give. "Dibs on Stabs-a-Lot," he tried to jest, taking a deep breath to calm himself. It didn't work. With knitted brow and a grimace that reached his eyes, Artemis couldn't stop the anger thrumming in his chest, the shame tightening his throat. His sigh hissed out through his teeth. "Goddammit."

Nicole was right. They were fucked. Their best bet really was to make a break for it once allowed outside, and who knew when that would be. No, he couldn't start thinking that way - their chance would come. They'd escape, make a report, and come back with reinforcements. Then they could burn this hellish city to the ground. Until then, to his endless agitation, Artemis was going to have to grit his teeth and wait.

He didn't struggle nearly as hard being taken back to the prison - only just enough to make it clear that he wasn't giving up. Now that the immediate fear of pending death had passed, he could think just a little more clearly. There was no point in fighting a fight they couldn't win. They would save up their energy for a real chance to escape.