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Snippet #2622246

located in Beacon Academy, a part of RWBY: Bloodmoon Rising, one of the many universes on RPG.

Beacon Academy



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Character Portrait: Terry Sawyer Character Portrait: Natalie Evans Character Portrait: Ricochet Quixo Character Portrait: Jericho Rifter
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"Well... Grimm are a part of everybody's life now. They'll be a given in nearly any mission we take." Natalie said, reading over Terry's shoulder, running a hand through her hair with a small sigh. "And, I could see why bandits and mercenaries would be interested in weapons - or, in this case, a single weapon. It's likely either rather large, or maybe a prototype."

"Then again, why isn't the military transporting this weapon? They're just as effective against stray Grimm as we are - they just need a few more people." Natalie didn't keep speaking - she didn't want to mention that she wasn't very eager to fight what remained of their race, even if they were outlaws. With how fast the Grimm advanced, she felt that they could hardly afford to.

And, well, considering exactly what type of weapon they'd be escorting - it almost seemed overkill to send not only a duo of trained huntresses, but an entire team of near-graduates as well. They could honestly only send one or two and have a much speedier, and likely safer delivery.

Natalie was bumped by an eager trainee - almost stumbling into Jackson. A reprimand rose in her throat, but she couldn't seem to find the offender amongst the crowd behind her. Terry seemed to be right - everyone was eager to move, to prove their worth. Was it truly wise to send so many untested trainees into the field, even protected? Was team TNJR ready?

Even Ricochet seemed more somber than usual. "It's usually my job to fuss - or what, did we swap and I never noticed? Because I tend to notice such things." Natalie remarked, a small smile lifting her features for a moment. "Ah, regardless... Terry's made our choice. Let's go."

She gave Jackson a pat on the arm - she was never really sure when he was dozing off - and pushed through the throng as best she could, cutting a path for the teammates that hopefully lied just a step behind, wanting to get to their own shuttle as soon as possible.

Thank god they didn't use the pads anymore.