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Snippet #2622822

located in Aeonis Academy, Greece, a part of Aeonis Academy for Demi-Gods, one of the many universes on RPG.

Aeonis Academy, Greece



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Character Portrait: Ruth Reyes Character Portrait: Zoe Yeoman Character Portrait: Spencer McKnight
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{ 8:17 a.m. // Daughter of Athena // Girl's Dormitory }

The wooden table jolted with energy while the various blood samples sprawled out across its smooth surface bobbed up and down in their test tubes. Reluctantly, Ruth picked up her vibrating phone. Fortunately, her agitation was appeased thanks to the sharp wit of Zoe Yeoman and her impressive knowledge of rock and roll music. She had always assumed that 'Sympathy for the Devil' was a first-person-narrative of Lucifer. However, it was possible to see Zoe's point of view. Before she could think too much about the unimportant subject of art, the ginger slammed down her iphone and continued to immerse herself in her makeshift lab work.

It was then that her roomate, Spencer McKnight, finally responded to her call.

"Uh, hey roomie." the blonde said awkwardly. Ruth didn't respond. She didn't even look at the girl. She was too busy swirling her precious test tubes around in the lamplight like glasses of red wine devoid of oxygen.

"So what do you need?"

Ruth Reyes laid back in her chair and squinted slightly. "Some silence would be marvelous," she replied, "although I do have striking news that concerns you. More specifically, your kin..."

She flipped the cork cap off of one of the samples, and drew it closer to her ski-slope nose. A particularly strong waft of bitter minotaur's blood filled her nostrils, and they instinctively crumpled upwards like a twitching house rabbit's.

"So a friend of mine saw a curious sight very early this morning: a single lightning cloud lingering over the academy in the midst of a sunny sky." Ruth uncrossed her legs, and carried the swatch of red monster fluid with her as she opened the door to her room. "Now, I've always been one to applaud the notion that this school is a like a magnet when it comes to drawing in unrealistic weather. However, with the time that this cloud should arrive, it's even more chimerical to assume that this single cloud is nothing but abiotic. Clearly, Zeus has made an appearance. And if my theory is correct, he has come down from Olympus to pass on an extremely important message. Something I believe to be intriguingly dangerous in subject...."

While she gave this grand disquisition, the seventeen-year-old searched through the compartments of the large wooden chest next to her bed. She even phased through the wall every so often, as if pacing in thought and worry. Suddenly, she gave a paroxysm of petulance as she raucously groaned and shook her clenched hands.

"That moron of a cleaning lady must have put my microscope back in the chemistry lab like she does every two weeks despite the fact that I diligently remind her not to EVERY YEAR!" with ungraceful swiftness, Ruth checked underneath the bed for her device, only to bang her hand against the floorboards in disappointment.

She sighed. "Well, it looks like I must be off to retrieve my lost possession. Kindly put those blood samples in the freezer, will you?" she asked her roomate before retreating to the front door. She expected the girl to give a disapproving retort, as most human beings would in this situation, but before Spencer could say anything, Ruth decided to fill the silence one last time.

"Oh, and a request. I do believe that the vast majority of students at this academy will not know about the thunder cloud incident that occured today, as most adolescents do not possess the determination to pry their eyes open before seven in the morning. So my dear roomate, I do ask that you keep the morsel of information I have just shared with you between the two of us. Don't want pointless gossip orbiting around the entire school, now do we?"

With a wink, Ruth Reyes gently slammed the half-opened door in front of her, and hastily made her way to the chemistry lab.