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Seoul, South Korea | Kiyota's Apartment

"Alright, that should do it. Hyung is going to be thrilled." Kiyota said to himself with a grin as he took a look back at all of the picture he has taken of the river and was quite satisfied with the scenery that he's managed to captured. Originally, taking pictures here and there was not really his hobby at first. But as time passes by, he couldn't help but feel that the beauty of nature works had mesmerized him. And as a way to treasure all of the natural scenery he once came across, Kiyota wanted to capture it all by taking their photos.

As placed his camera back to its bag, he fixed his scarf back a bit before putting his backpack up again and was readied to get back to university. Then suddenly, a young girl approached him and tapped Kiyota on his back. But just as the girl touched his back, a chill gone through his back that made him startled. Rhea suddenly stirred up inside him again. This feeling is just exactly like the time when he encountered another Titan in his past. Turning back to face the girl, the Titaness inside him kept whispering the name 'Mnemosyne'. The name kept repeating so much that Kiyota has to hung his head. Some rocks around them suddenly started to float.

Realizing that his power is getting loose, Kiyota tried his best to held Rhea down and grab hold of his power again. When everything's over, he smiled unconvincingly at the girl, "I-I'm sorry. Something's just crossed through my mind. I hope I didn't startle you. Okay, you asked me if I know any stories about ghost stories or legends of the Han River, right?"

Kiyota then paused for a moment to recollect back to the texts he once read back at the university about some urban legends of the famous river then recounted for the girl with the stories he'd read about a monster that lived beneath the bottom of the river which is quite similar to the myth of the Loch Ness monster and the ghosts of women and girls who committed suicide that often haunted the people around here at night years ago.

"Well, that's all I've known about this river. There's many other in the materials in the library of my university but I haven't remembered them just yet." Kiyota replied respectfully. He stayed silent for a bit before looking straight into the girl's eyes, "Uhm, I know that it is quite out of the blue for me to ask this but... do you happen to know anything about the Titans in the Greek myths, or more specifically, Mnemosyne?"