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located in Planet Arawath, a part of Only War: 501st Hendrisi Deadland Regiment, one of the many universes on RPG.

Planet Arawath

Planet Arawath is a mining world within the Reike Expanse that has been under Ork assault for three years. Local regiments of the 319th Imperial Legionnaires, 420th Cannabisian Regiment, and 19th Reiker Defense Force are all engaged.


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Planet Arawath

The process of falling amidst enemy fire was one thing. Falling through self-propelled enemy forces was entirely another.

Around the squad, other elements of the 501st were being engaged by the Ork Stormboyz, being slashed, chopped, or simply impacted and taken out of the fight in a permanent fashion. The lucky ones were merely torn apart by large fusillades of Ork slugs, or blown into pieces by some manner of Orkish artillery.

Father Yates would see little trouble on his descent; using the sword as a defensive measure, the Ork that passed close to him would have one of its few navigation wings sheared off, sending it careening in an altogether different direction. The Ork likely did not notice, but it got it out of Yates' hair.

Cassandra would be significantly less lucky.
The occupants, or rather riders of the tank had not missed her passing, and a barrage of large bullets trailed her 'controlled' descent towards the ground. With deep-voiced shouts and calls, three of them had jumped off of the tank and followed her down, firing wildly and hefting their large chopping implements with deadly intent.
None of them had the large rockets attached to their backs, like some of their brethren; apparently they were so intent on destroying the Commissar that they were willing to accept the deaths that awaited them inevitably. Whether she was ready for them, and if she could slow herself enough to make a less-than-messy impact to the ground or nearby structures, remained to be seen.

Behind the Orks and Cassandra, Sergeant Icarus flew down like a bullet; passing the Tank and tossing his Krak grenade into it, the detonation wreaked havoc with its trajectory and the livelihood of its passengers. Wheeling through the sky in a roll, the few Orks left on it, plus the turrets, continued to fire in every direction. Chunks flew off like shrapnel and a few unlucky Orks or Guardsmen saw their end by a rather gruesome impact.

Following his dispatch of one of the Orks, Caccia would find himself facing down another pair of Stormboyz surging towards him from below. Both opened fire with their handguns and raised their weapons in preparation to destroy him.

Using the greater mobility provided by having a stronger Grav-chute, Trooper Jorn was able to remain in relative proximity of Belva. He took pot-shots here or there, but for the most part these were ineffectual.
He did ensure to shoot the now pack-less Ork on its way down, however.
Despite their relative positioning to the Tank and the swarm of Orks around it, both were able to proceed down with little trouble.

Grim and Derek had perhaps the most interesting time on their way down, aside from Cassandra.
Being a larger, more curious target for many of the Orks, they saw a lot of attention; multiple shots flying around them or at them, and more than a few Stormboyz decided they wanted to try and break the beast with two backs, as it were.
Despite these attempts the two were doing remarkably well, in part due to the erratic piloting of Derek, matched only by the similarly erratic lack of piloting the Orks portrayed.

"Thunder has struck, ground-fall achieved," spoke the somewhat familiar voice of Sergeant Icarus.

"Pilgrim," shouted the also familiar voice of Sergeant Solar. "You've hit land early; most of us are still engaged in the air," he warned.
"I need people on the rooftops or in openings on the structures flanking Landing Site Alpha," Solar continued; this would presumably be the area they were all landing around. "Give our early landers some fire support!"

Planet Arawath

Sergeant Icarus was not the only one to land early; by virtue or necessity, some other members of the 501st had reached the ground quickly as well, and found themselves badly outnumbered.

Situated in an area designated as 'near to Alpha' officially speaking, Icarus and several other Guardsmen had taken up positions behind a downed Valkyrie and some other convenient positions of cover, such as detritus from the damaged structures around them.

The complex itself was massive, with most of the structures being tens of stories high. The road they had landed on was very wide, and multiple pieces of industrial equipment- torn apart by the Orks for parts, most likely- littered the area.

More pressing than the environment were the Orks however. The shout of "WAAAAAAGH!" filled the dark, hot air around them, as a hail of large shells pounded the cover around the defenders.

Icarus would be able to hear the rumbling approach of many heavy feet, despite the grenade and suppressing fire; while some of the Orks took hits, and a few may have even gone down, there was a green tide approaching.