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located in Planet Arawath, a part of Only War: 501st Hendrisi Deadland Regiment, one of the many universes on RPG.

Planet Arawath

Planet Arawath is a mining world within the Reike Expanse that has been under Ork assault for three years. Local regiments of the 319th Imperial Legionnaires, 420th Cannabisian Regiment, and 19th Reiker Defense Force are all engaged.


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Character Portrait: 501st Hendrisi Deadland Regiment Character Portrait: Grim Character Portrait: Bottles Character Portrait: Commissar Rascal Character Portrait: Father Yates Character Portrait: Alex Character Portrait: Icarus "Pilgrim" Toroun Character Portrait: Caccia Scinia Character Portrait: Belva Clarette Character Portrait: Uriah Volc Character Portrait: Deacis Thorn Character Portrait: Elbel Fischermann Character Portrait: Partheo Karas
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Screaming through the air was a Valkyrie assault carrier, painted black and midnight blue, lacking any distinguishing symbols that one would normally expect on a vehicle belonging to an Imperial Guard regiment. Unmarked and descending rapidly, the Valkyrie careened through the air, deftly avoiding incoming anti-air fire as best as could be done under the circumstances. Inside the hull of the flyer sat four men, undergoing final weapons' checks for their primary mission of eliminating the Ork warboss. All covered in carapce armor a similar color to that of the Valkyrie, it would be apparent to any Guardsmen who these men were. The Militarum Tempestus.

Raised in the confines of the Schola Progenium, these four men had received the best training in the Imperium and equipped with some of the most refined gear available to the forces of humanity. Effective, arrogant, and deadly, this elite group of soldiers was at once admired and loathed by normal Guardsmen.

"Keep an eye out, men. Report any findings so that the information may be relayed back to the interested parties," said Uriah, the others nodding in acknowledgement as he mentioned their other objective briefly.

"Red flares spotted, Sergeant Volc. Possible location in need of support. Orders, sir?" asked the pilot of the Valkyrie, all while managing the flight. The sound of "rockets away" came from the cockpit followed by a small shudder as the Valkyrie adjusted for the lost weight. Down towards the ground streaked a barrage of rockets, striking a concentration of Ork troops and blasting a majority of them apart.

"Deploy on the building next to the flare as best possible, return to ship afterwards. The flared building may be occupied and roof landing there may be too dangerous. May the Emperor protect you, Operator Sturm," responded Uriah, the leader of the small group of Scions. Accompanying him was the entirety of the Militarum Tempestus complement with the 501st, three men: Deacis Thorn, Elbel Fischermann, and Partheo Karas. Picking up his helmet, Uriah clicked the armor into position, sensors coming online as it began to draw power.

"Sir, I'm not sure that's the best location to land. Imperial ordnance may still be active and a disembarkation in that-"

"Cut it, Operator Sturm. We will disembark there, afterwards you may return to your ship. Acknowledged?"

"Acknowledged, sir. Jackal, get that mul-" responded Sturm, his voice cutting off as the channel cut away, returning to commanding the aircraft and his copilot. A loud bang sounded as a shard of metal slammed against the side of the Valkyrie, throwing the aircraft off course slightly before the pilot righted the vehicle.

Swooping in, a final barrage of rockets flew out as the multi-laser spattered shots across the city-scape. Swooping in near the flares, the Scions leaped out, landing on the roof next to the one which held a flare. As soon as the last boot stepped off, the Valkyrie began to pull away, streaking off towards safety, all the while being battered by Ork guns.

As a group, the four Scions descended through the ruined building, coming out on floor level. A roar to the left alerted them, all spinning to see a group of twenty-odd Ork Boyz charging down the street.

"Frag out!" called Deacis, chucking the small metal object towards the group even as the Hot-shot lasguns of the other troopers drilled holes through multiple Orks, dropping them with concerted volleys. The grenade's blast dismembered multiple Orks, leaving the remaining few to be accurately cut down by precise shots.

"Elbel, Parth, through that alley way, clear the other side of the building, rendezvous at the intersection. Emperor protects," barked out Uriah, receiving a nod and and murmur of "Emperor protects" from the two Scions before they moved off down the corridor, weapons at the ready. Uriah and Deacis moved quickly towards the ground-level flare, scanning the area cautiously. Scrambling from behind caused them to whirl around, training weapons on three Guardsmen, fear and dirt staining their faces.

"You three, you are now temporarily under my command until we regroup with other Imperial Guard elements. You will assist in retrieving Commissar Rascal and escorting her to the rendezvous location or you shall be shot for insubordination. Move!" yelled Uriah, causing the three to jump, a slight tinge of disgust entering their expressions.

"Suh, we was supposed to meet up with the Commissar at this here building, us and any other squads that needed rendezvous and couldn't reach the main area," declared one of the Guardsmen.

Nodding, Uriah considered the situation for a moment then spoke, "When we find the Commissar, you shall be released to her care. First we secure her. Now go."

The five stumbled into the tower. After a few minutes of searching, one of the Guardsmen spotted the Commissar. "Commissar Rascal, I am Tempestus Scion Sergeant Uriah Volc," Uriah said. "Found these men outside, cleared out the immediate vicinity of Orks. Emperor protect you, Commissar.

Around the end of the street came Partheo and Elbel, firing off a last few shots, Partheo tossing a grenade, before trotting to the base of the building which their fellow troops occupied. Saluting with the Aquila, Partheo reported over the micro-bead, "Street cleared of Greenskins, the location of the other Guardsmen concentration in this area is approximately north of us, Sergeant Uriah. Recommend moving through the alleys and buildings to avoid significant encounters."

Uriah nodded before glancing over at Commissar Rascal. "I recommend you relocate to the main rendezvous, Commissar. Centralized command shall be important in the coming hours," he intoned before moving off with Deacis to regroup with Partheo and Elbel at the entrance of the building. As one, the squad of Scions loped off towards the main Ork compound, intent on accomplishing their mission while the Imperial Guard units distracted the main Ork body.