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located in New York, a part of In Time, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Dialogue Color:#8A0886 Location: Cafe/Grocery Store

After the weird guy left and the musician stopped playing the cafe got boring, so sitting quietly going between the door and her phone Vivienne waited for Seth. Nothing came though, so after about twenty minutes of nothingness she stood threw away the half eaten muffin and headed to the store. The mobs of people caused her a brief pause but she kept going, purposefully bumping into the musician and dropping a bank handle with about three days worth of time into his pocket before quickly walking through the crowds in case he noticed while popping a cigarette into her mouth. Working her way to the store Vivienne kept her eyes on the passing faces hoping to see Seth, once the idea of him running out of time had entered her head she couldnt get rid of it and now she was stressing. Every time she saw someone close to his build she would get close only to be disappointed, fighting down her panic she entered the store and kept her head down.

Walking through the store Vivienne grabbed items off the shelves at random, boxed rice, potatoes, a roast, some carrots, onions, hamburger, tuna, boxed cake cookie and muffin mixs, a couple canned soups, lots of bread in all different types, cheese, canned chilis, milk, sodas, batteries because you never know when you might need them, candles, and several other items. After checking out with far too many bags, Vivienne started the struggle of walking five blocks back to her apartment. Head down watching her feet ta make sure she didnt trip and break any of the items on her bags.