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{Clara Tollera}
As Clara walked through the flowers she began to hear music flowing through the air. She knew exactly who it was almost instantly, she pulled her guitar in front of her and began to strum and sing along with the song that was being played. She fallowed the music until she spotted someone in the distance. Quickly she stopped playing and doubled around so that she was coming up behind the person.
She quietly snuck closer and closer until she was right behind him and then began playing and singing loudly as Riley ran up to the man, jumping on him and licking his face happily.

{Toby Parker}
Finally it was Toby's stop and he jumped off the bus and began walking in the direction his father had told him. He found the land marks his father had described to him and soon enough he was at the gates to the camp. He walked in, smiling at everyone and quickly found someone to tell him where the stables were.
As he made his way to the stables Toby took in all his surroundings, this place was not to shabby. It looked to him like he would have a great time. But before he went exploring he needed to check on Nomsa, maybe take her out for a ride to stretch her legs.
As he came to the stables he found a clip board that told all the horses names and which stall they were in, he quickly found Nomsa's stall, when he walked in he almost fell to the ground. Jenn was there, waiting for him?
Who cared, she was there and Toby couldn't be happier.
"WHAAT?!" He yelled a huge smile spreading across his face as she smiled at him, how he loved her smile.