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located in Planet Arawath, a part of Only War: 501st Hendrisi Deadland Regiment, one of the many universes on RPG.

Planet Arawath

Planet Arawath is a mining world within the Reike Expanse that has been under Ork assault for three years. Local regiments of the 319th Imperial Legionnaires, 420th Cannabisian Regiment, and 19th Reiker Defense Force are all engaged.


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Planet Arawath
Near-to-Alpha, Est. 50m South of Alpha

In the tight corridors, alleys, and mixed structural integrity of the area, the soldiers immediately around Sergeant Icarus followed his orders and began piling into one of the structures to gain a tactical advantage. More and more of the 501st continued to touch down, in various areas; a few blocks to the North seemed to be where the major concentration was setting down, but this area had enough troops to set themselves up in a decent position of fortification.

Most of the 501st did not relinquish their grav-chutes, unless they had sustained damage; it was not only a fairly expensive tool, but one that could potentially see more use later on down the road.

"Sergeant Pilgrim," shouted one of the troopers. He seemed to be a veteran, his shoulder-badge indicating his code name as 'Striker'. More importantly he and another trooper, assisted by another pair, had heavy stubbers. "We'll take the roof. I'd request another handful of troops to ensure those damn Stormboyz don't get on top of us."

The two heavy weapons teams followed Icarus up the flights of stairs at a decent clip. From the vantage point on top of the building, the primary Alpha landing site for 2nd company was still concealed behind a wall of structures, but there were plenty of Orks to shoot; charging towards the building with the fire coming from it.

The ground floor had a volley of some twenty grenades thrown into it; the shuddering detonations that followed would leave the entire building shaking. If any of the Guardsmen made it out of the ground floors, they had not yet resumed firing.

Caccia would find himself at a fortuitous position near to the front of this engagement, hunkered down with some of the other troops some thirty meters away from the building that Icarus and the teams he had taken command of were situated in.

If Caccia chose to ignore the order, he would have options. The primary anti-air, at least if he had any idea how to navigate this world as yet, was somewhere to the West outside of the major hab structures. Another was off to the East, in the center of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Company drop zones.

2nd Company Alpha LZ

As fortunate as any Priest before him, Deacon had managed to find himself in a position not more than a block away from the main push; as such, trotting off in that direction would see him and his new friends linking up with the rest of the Company.

The situation here was markedly much better than the scattered comms chatter would suggest of other landing zones. With such a high concentration of Imperial Guardsmen, they were able to keep their positions defended from the West, while still pushing Eastward against the onslaught of Orks.

Sergeant Solar was at the moment no-where to be seen, but a renewed shout of WAAAAAAAAGH! would draw attention to a new wave of Orks; some two hundred or so barreling down on the Imperial Guardsmen. These were not the skinny grots or wiry Stormboyz that had been sent at the 501st thus far; these were Boyz, proper, and were led by a pack of Nobz.

"Fire on full auto, men," a nearby Sergeant shouted; the last thing they wanted was engagement with the Orks at close range. The front line opened up a severe barrage of las-fire, but returning shots from the Orks- and their natural resilience to damage- saw them keep coming despite the dead.

A black Valkyrie assault craft- the only one with considerable armament in the conflict, and for some reason incredibly low to the ground- passed overhead, unleashing a barrage of Autocannon fire and dispatching the rest of its rockets. While the Ork numbers suffered, they pressed on; and the Valkyrie became the recipient of a volley of return fire, several Ork rockets and cannons shearing off one of its wings. The craft spiraled out of control and could be heard detonating somewhere to the north.

To make matters worse, one of the structures to the south of Alpha LZ began to crumble as an Ork Tank began to rumble its way onto the Infantry position; a most difficult situation for the majority, due to a severe lack of anti-armour weaponry.

Wherever he was, Sergeant Solar had heard Belva's inquiry. "Do it, Psyker! That thing will rip the company apart!"

Secondary Designated LZ, est. 100m South of Alpha

The Commissar would not remain alone for long. She would also not remain unknown to the Orks for long.

With her position under fire from the Orks who happened to be below the building, the situation might start to appear rather grim. The red flare smoke was her saving grace, forming a wall of colour that threw off the Orks' already impressively bad aim.

In moments the lot of that particular group of orks was reduced to green and red clouds, due to the concentrated fire of several hot-shots and a grenade.

The group of Guardsmen that had actually made their way into the position were taken in by the Stormtroopers; whether they liked it or not, temporary though that arrangement was. Once they found the Commissar, the men moved to assist her in her position, leaving the Storm Troopers to their own devices.

Said Storm Troopers would be on their way down the building when a frustrated Sergeant's voice would be heard by most of those present in the structure, via their comm beads.

"Commissar, you have deployed red smoke. That is fire support request; be advised that- damn it, stand by and take cover!"

Even over the din of battle, the distant 'thump' of large guns firing could be heard. An entire Regiment of artillery had control of the area, and was eagerly awaiting an opportunity to hammer on the hated Orks. A man-made storm was coming; and assuming it was at maximum range, they would have less than twenty seconds to respond.

To bring even more misfortune, another wave of Orks had begun a charge and entered the building; the Storm Troopers, and what few Guardsmen were in the area to try climbing the structure, would now be trapped between the Orks and a climb to what may be their deaths.

Grim and Bottles would find themselves dropped into this situation. For better or worse.

600 Meters North of 1st Company LZ

Trooper Phoorstein would not immediately know where he was. Even by the map that he had been able to take a look at before the jump, as far as he could tell he wasn't anywhere near the drop zone.

To say he had flown off course was an understatement.

"Punkt," Sergeant Solar shouted over comms. "How the feth did you end up in the middle of no-where?" He was understandably annoyed; but one soldier who ended up elsewhere could not be helped.

"Get to a position where you can get eyes on your situation from elevation. Once you have ascertained what your status is, link up with the rest of 2nd Company."

A task easier said than done; Phoorstein had ended up somewhere West of the entire push, almost out in the Ash wastes. Despite the rebreather and landing goggles, the sheer amount of ash whirling around was blinding.

And to make matters worse, the distant sounds of battle were not quite as distant as one might have hoped- from the north, several Ork ground vehicles were moving towards his position.

The large tower structure to the south would perhaps be his only hope of survival.