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Snippet #2624063

located in Bamboo Forest of the Lost, a part of Denouement of a Fantasy Era, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bamboo Forest of the Lost

Don't get lost. In fact, don't get close.


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Character Portrait: Fujiwara no Mokou Character Portrait: Marran Yanada
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Rays of the morning sun flitted through the open window of one of the large bedrooms in the massive mansion very few knew as Eintei. Located deep within the Bamboo Forest of the Lost only a lucky few have even caught a glimpse of it and no human has ever confirmed its existence. A few rumors were sprinkled among the people of the human village but none were able to say for sure that it was really there. Fujiwara no Mokou grumbled as the morning light played across her closed eyelids forcing her to roll over uncomfortably onto her side waking her from her deep sleep. Blinking the sleepiness away from her eyes she stared at the tall ceiling of the bedroom. 'Where am I?' she sat up trying to remember what had happened after her fight with Kaguya the night before.

"Ahh your finally awake, Mokou." A voice sounded from somewhere nearby and Mokou turned her head to see it was none other than Eirin Yagokoro, who was the medical genius as well as one of the residents of Eintei. A Lunarian like Kaguya, Eirin had been serving the Lunar princess for centuries and she was still much of a mystery to Mokou. Though a servant to her sworn enemy, Mokou respected Eirin and appreciated her services after her bloody fights with Kaguya. "I have some clothes here for you since your old ones... well... were done away with last night after Lady Kaguya delivered the final blow to you." Eirin motioned to the side of the bed where a simple plain white kimono lay. "It is one of Lady Kaguya's spares."

The kimono, though colorless and plain was a surprisingly blinding white nonetheless beautiful in its own way. Though Mokou preferred her rather boyish attire, she didn't hate kimonos. She just preferred how easily she could move around in her overalls and shirt. But to think she would be wearing Kaguya's clothes made her hesitate. Eirin seemed to notice Mokou's thought process and sighed. "There really isn't anything else I would offer to you. Besides, she hasn't worn that in ages. Unless you'd rather run around out there with just those wrappings on."

Mokou noticed that she was not completely naked but there were soft cloth wrappings wound tightly around her chest but that was all. "Its not as if anyone is going to stumble through here and see me." She grumbled.

Eirin shrugged. "Suit yourself. Stay as long as you'd like but again I'll warn you -" Eirin suddenly turned very serious and her facial expression was terrifyingly blank. "If I find you and Lady Kaguya fighting within the house there will be hell to pay.... For the BOTH of you."

Mokou gulped. There weren't many beings on this planet that could intimidate her but there was something about this certain Lunarian that sent chills down her spine when she got serious. She remembered the first time Eirin had found Mokou and Kaguya fighting within the walls of Eintei and shivered at the thought. That woman was something else. Mokou sighed and picked up the kimono. She could just burn it when she got home. Putting on Kaguya's clothes for a few hours wouldn't kill her. Slipping it on, she found the "obi", which was the sash that tied around her waist, on the ground nearby. It was a very dark black and Mokou tied it into a crude, sloppy knot. She decided to make her way back to her small home nearby not wanting to see Kaguya after her humiliating defeat.

Though the mansion was massive in size, it was not hard to navigate after a few times being there. Throughout the mansion, youkai rabbits where scurrying about preparing for the day ahead preforming various chores here and there. These Yokukai were usually very peaceful and had made a home here in Eintei serving Kaguya and Eirin protecting them from intruders.

After a few minutes of wandering about the mansion, Mokou finally found herself at the main entrance leading back into the deepest parts of the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. She shifted around in her kimono uncomfortably and looked down at herself. Without her paper charms that she usually used to tie up her hair, her off white hair flowed freely almost touching the ground. Combined with her sharp red eyes she looked like a vengeful spirit out to search for lost human souls to feed off of. She chuckled. If anyone saw her now they no doubt would mistake her for a youkai. But she hadn't seen a lost human wander into the forest for quite some time now and the possibility of one turning up now while she looked like this was very low. Though as Mokou set off into the dark forest she was still unaware of the unlucky traveler who had gotten himself into quite the predicament nearby.