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located in Beacon Academy, a part of RWBY: Bloodmoon Rising, one of the many universes on RPG.

Beacon Academy



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Siren's song sat heavily on Natalie's lap. It often surprised people on how much such a small, thin instrument could weigh - almost as if it were solid gold. Next to it, a strange pouch. One might call it a quiver, except for a selection of identical, finely-crafted instrument bows that rested within. Of course like the violin, these bows were much sturdier than their normal musical counterparts. Still they didn't stand up to much abuse, and she constantly found herself rewinding the microscopic, almost angelic threads any time she used them.

The idea of going underground didn't bother her. In fact, she was more effective underground, as her semblance was much stronger in a small, echoing area. But she knew what sort of grimm often lurked below. The skittering, hairy arachnids that had stolen her eye, and the life of another. She never wanted to see one again as long as she lived.

She fiddled with the strings while Rico seemed to rant about Atlas. "You do know that they'll only close the lines we travel on, right? All traffic isn't going to come screeching to a halt just for this." She said, crossing her legs. "And the dropship's got to be a lot faster than the railway. I doubt they'd have a train prepared just for us right now, but by the time we get there they'll have the returning rail prepped, maybe."

Pausing for a moment, Natalie glanced towards the others in the group. "I can still think of a few other odd things, but with eight hunters and huntresses - this will be the most well-guarded weapon in the history of Remnant." She stood, clipping the long pouch onto the side of her belt, "Now, like Ricochet said - are we ready to go, or does anyone else have any pressing questions for Miss - uh, Schnee?"