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Snippet #2624608

located in Planet Arawath, a part of Only War: 501st Hendrisi Deadland Regiment, one of the many universes on RPG.

Planet Arawath

Planet Arawath is a mining world within the Reike Expanse that has been under Ork assault for three years. Local regiments of the 319th Imperial Legionnaires, 420th Cannabisian Regiment, and 19th Reiker Defense Force are all engaged.


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Character Portrait: 501st Hendrisi Deadland Regiment Character Portrait: Grim Character Portrait: Bottles Character Portrait: Commissar Rascal Character Portrait: Father Yates Character Portrait: Icarus "Pilgrim" Toroun Character Portrait: Caccia Scinia Character Portrait: Belva Clarette Character Portrait: Uriah Volc Character Portrait: Deacis Thorn Character Portrait: Elbel Fischermann Character Portrait: Partheo Karas Character Portrait: Arin Sanders Character Portrait: Endric Phoorstein
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2nd Company Alpha LZ

Despite the short-lived assault of the Valkyrie Gunship, the Orks continued to push forward against the onslaught of Las-fire. With few heavy weapons specialists or melee combatants on the field, the 501st was about to face an infantry charge that could prove most deadly.

The Orks did not need to utilize any breaches in the defenses- there were enough of them, lead by a pack of Nobz, that there was simply not enough fire to keep them all down.

An unfamiliar Lieutenant's voice sounded over wide-band comms. "Any and all melee combatants to the front! Guardsmen, fix bayonets; Do not let the Emperor find you wan-"

Meanwhile, the tank had been dealt with quite sufficiently; both the Psyker and two Krak grenades had ensured that nothing survived inside the tank, or in the immediate vicinity outside of it- with the exception of a few Orks that had managed to stray far enough away from the cover before it became volatile.

Augustus was quickly near to Belva; apparently having been the trooper to make the previous shot, he was taking careful shots here and there at nearby targets, while covering Belva's exposed side. "Emperor preserve us," he whispered to himself; he had never witnessed such destructive power, but it was for the Emperor at least. "Well done, Ma'am," he said more loudly in between shots.

The first artillery shell hit somewhere to the south. A few moments went by before another one hit, further south; and then a rain of shells began to obliterate the structures south-east of the Landing Zone. A few shells landed amidst the Orks, cutting huge swathes in their numbers; and unexpected support fire from the south-west in the form of heavy stubbers helped to deter the orks.

But nevertheless, melee was engaged with several of the Nobz and a plethora of Boyz cutting into the Imperial front lines.


"Yes sir, Sergeant," Striker declared, both teams setting up their heavy weaponry. The rest of the guardsmen- about thirteen men who had followed to support them- set up a position around the stairs and began heading down carefully per Pilgrim's instructions.

"Sergeant! Orks are coming, lots of them!" The lasgunners began firing as soon as the first Ork began to charge its way up the stairs.

Disregarding the situation behind them, both heavy weapons teams began to open up on the Orks' flank.

The Catachan, and the troopers foolish or brave enough to go with him, would find themselves crossing the street to the North; much closer to the fighting in Alpha than anywhere else as of yet. The Orks had lost interest in them, deciding instead to go for the newly cleared bottom floor of Sergeant Icarus' building.

The building that Caccia had taken was mostly clear, aside from a few quickly dispatched Gretchins and Grots taking cover and taking pot-shots at the defenders.

More importantly, they would have a good view of the incoming green tide descending on the 501st. Without mincing words, the Guardsmen quickly decided to set up a position at the window and add their las-guns to the fire trying to keep the Orks from advancing.

Shells began to impact to the East and South of the position that Sergeant Icarus had begun to fire from. Despite the increasingly volatile barrage of shrapnel 'Striker' and the other teams continued to fire. Fortunately the position was far enough out of range of the most devastating rounds and rockets to impact the area, but it was still incredibly jarring- and with Orks charging up the stairs, they were soon to be in poor condition.

Secondary Designated LZ, AKA Artillery Strike Zone

The troopers near the Commissar flashed the Aquila and began to proceed with her orders; being from a different squad, they were not privy to the fact that an artillery strike was inbound. With the Commissar berating the Storm Troopers- a much appreciated and most amusing thing for them- they began setting up a position to fire on the encroaching Orks.

"Bloody hell, almost sounds like we lucked out missing Alpha," one guardsman remarked to the other, hearing the wide-band call for melee. Few reveled the chance for engaging Orks in close combat, much less a regiment best suited for quick strikes against softer targets.

The other was about to reply when the Commissar shouted about incoming artillery- and barely in time.

The bottom floor would see significantly more troubles than the upper floors, for the moment. The incoming waves of Orks were, for the most part, put down just as easily as their compatriots in the face of the Hot-Shot Lasguns that the Storm Troopers used, overshadowing the dozen or so other Guardsmen who were being cut down throughout the area.
So it was that the Orks decided the stairs made an excellent target for about ten stikk bombs- which would soon be outclassed by a much larger weapon.

The first couple of artillery impacts were somewhere to the north, and probably seldom noticed amidst the cacophony of the battle around them; but the third impact sounded as if it had landed somewhere very, very close by.

And then it began to rain munitions. Rockets and shells began pelting the area, rocking the very foundations of the planet for all the troopers at its center could tell. A great many of the shells seemed to hit to the north and east of their position, but it was obvious that it was all around.

One shell crashed through the roof, through the floors, and into the basement; a direct hit. The bottom-most floors would quickly become consumed in flame and shrapnel.

The shell obliterated the literal foundations of the structure, sending it into a crumbling descent as the waves of artillery continued to fall around them.

500 Meters North of 1st Company LZ

The Ork vehicles thankfully managed to miss Phoorstein completely; they were more intent on running over the well-visible Guardsmen than attempting to track down stragglers. Nevertheless, it was wise to hide as the vehicles rumbled past, Orks shouting and firing their weapons randomly in the air, eager to charge into the fray.

"Punkt, get to cover, wherever you are. Try to get eyes on an Imperial LZ and link up with the forces there. Once the battle is over you can link up with the squad."

So it was that Trooper Phoorstein's path would bring him closer to a tower, becoming visible through the ash storms in front of him. The tower seemed to be several stories tall, and at the top were several- likely destroyed or dismantled- weapons installations.

Somewhere to the East, an immense series of artillery barrages began.