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“We… We are?” When the first thing Chester’s declaration was met with hesitance he faltered for a moment. He was more than shocked that one of his siblings was unsure of their purpose. In Chester’s mind it only made sense that they decimate the city they found themselves in, after years of not seeing any titans suddenly finding almost half of them was fate. Gaea had brought them together to save her, and New Orleans just happened to be their ground zero. But when he felt Cas’s hand slip from his grip Chester felt his chest constrict in worry. He hadn’t taken into account that the other vessels would not want to end humanity.

Even when the handsome man chimed in that they couldn’t possibly destroy a city overnight, Chester supposed that at least was a reasonable statement, the white haired boy couldn’t help but think he also had reservations about a species wide annihilation. Ok, even when Chester phrased it as ‘species wide annihilation’ did it sound a bit brutal and drastic, but he knew it was necessary to save Gaea from dying. Only one side would be left standing and it was between the humans and their mother.

The actual introduction of everyone took him away from his panic momentarily. It was especially interesting to learn about Castiel, even though the white haired boy had already known his name learning that Cas was just a year older than him was exciting. He had expected that by the time he had met any of the titans that they would all be older like Rezu and Adele, but Cas and Gale were both close in age to him and that was infinitely more comforting, adults had always been so boring to the boy and he doubted he would feel much differently even if they hosted a titan.

"Whatever everyone else's plan is, I'm not agreeing to destroying an entire city. That's just plain fucked up."
Chester’s jaw nearly dropped when Rezu started opposing the war deceleration. He had been nervous when Castiel had shown resistance, but Rezu was flat out rejecting anything of the sort. Chester realized leveling an entire city was ambitious, but this place didn’t have to crumble overnight. The five of them could have at least started reeking havoc, a few weeks and the city could have been at their feet in shambles. Chester was going to propose that at the very least they could start planning their onslaught, but Rezu didn’t stop with just rejecting his ideas.

As the man went on Chester felt as his shock began morphing into anger. Rezu wasn’t simply being disagreeable, it sounded as if the vessel was completely rejecting the will of the titan inside of him. It sounded as if… he was defending humanity. The very thought had Chester’s lip curling in disgust. The boy clenched his fists at his side, the very idea of one of his siblings not putting Gaea as their first priority was sickening. He stared at Rezu with vacant eyes, if one vessel was capable of defying Gaea it was possible that the others were too. His eyes traced over Gale, she was the only one that had not shown any outward apprehension to his suggestion, she was definitely on his side. He moved on to the others, Castiel specifically, looking at him out of the corner of his eye. He had been so relieved when he had first met the boy, but he suddenly seemed dangerous, he suddenly looked like a human when mere moments ago that had been his sister. He snapped his eyes back up at Rezu trying to keep his voice level.

“I cannot believe this. It sounds like you are defending the humans?” His tone cracked in incredulous disbelief despite his efforts to keep it level. “Humans. The ones who are literally killing Mother with each second that ticks by. You say that what I purpose is a prevention measure, but I don’t think you realize that species eradication is the solution here.

Humans don’t even deserve to be defended at all. They take from each other, and they kill each other because their ideas do not align. I’ve read their history books; they have more willing turned on each other because of the color of their skin than because one group has done something morally wrong. They do not embrace things different from themselves, and if they knew what any of us were capable of, the abilities we possess and the titans inside our bodies, we would become their lab rats, they would ostracize us, they would call us aliens and continue to kill Gaea as we became their seventh grade science projects. Humans are nasty parasites that take from the weak and destroy that which does not belong to them. They act in ways that only benefit themselves, yet you would rather stay with them then your own siblings. I cannot believe this.”
The boy’s fists unclenched as he finished the rather long tirade. Humans were horrible creatures, and he knew from experience that they were not accepting of those not like their own, ’Why be different when you can be normal’, his father’s favorite saying, rang in the back of his mind. Humanity was not something worth saving, let alone defending.