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Snippet #2624671

located in Fairy Tail, a part of Fairy Tail: Dunes of Fiore, one of the many universes on RPG.

Fairy Tail



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Rane Ollum

Rane woke up to yet another day with the sun scorching and the streets buzzing with merchants. Merchandise lined up on their stores and customers bargaining prices. Today however, was a special occasion for those very merchants; a tourney was announced by the Fox Trot guild introducing some of their newly recruited members. This of course meant jewels for these merchants and there was no way they would let the opportunity pass. But there are still some others with a more ill intention in their eyes as they waited for the same tourney to begin.

For Rane however, he did not felt any different. Waking up, cleaning his face and having his breakfast with a smile on his face. That was before he remembered the tourney. Rane did not need too much so his room only had the necessities. It consists of a comfortable bed to sleep on, a wardrobe to hang his clothes, and a desk to write on. A plain white mask hung to the side of the wardrobe, as the wardrobe was placed beside the door. The room was very neat as Rane often cleaned up the room and while it wasn’t extravagant, Rane felt it was best.

There was an opened window opposite to the door where it shines brightly into the room, illuminating the room during the night with moonlight as well. When he was done with his meal, Rane turned towards the window and stretched his arms. ”Another beautiful day to go out again! I wonder what will happen today?” With a smile as bright as the sun ran across his face as he wondered. ”Today was the tourney. You should prepare yourself before you attend it.” Rane turned to the door as he heard the familiar voice. It belonged to the calm and mature woman in her mask as she appeared out of thin air. She wore a white robe with red trims. Behind was her trademark nine tails, known for its nice to touch and soft sensation by the local children.

”Oh that’s right. Today was the day that Miss Sera and the others show off their skills, right? I bet they’re super awesome like you, Kurena!” With eyes blazing with curiosity Rane was getting more and more interested. Although Rane had been a member of Fox Trot for over 4 months, he didn’t get the chance to witness the other fresh member’s powers. That was before the Guild master went on a quest to explore a dune. At the moment of his departure, he demanded that no members were to do solo work and to choose a partner. As Rane was still considered a ‘new’ member, he hasn’t chosen one until now. But the tourney would be the best moment to choose a partner. It was for this that Rane couldn’t wait for.

Before long, another prideful voice blared out. ”Heh! If I showed them my powers they wouldn’t even stand a chance! My magic will blow them all away before they even knew what’s coming to them!” Coming from nowhere particularly, the dragon named Vaeros mockingly announced his victory far before the tourney even started. Though his pride often upsets a lot of people, there was no denying that Vaeros was indeed powerful. If there was a competition of destroying things, Vaeros would undoubtedly be ranked among the top 5. That is, if there was such a thing.

While Kurena sighed at Vaeros’ proud declaration, Rane hopped off his chair and slid into his green jacket. He turned and went for the door, and with a wide smile he exited the guild and approached the city square, followed by Kurena matching his pace behind. Maybe I get to finally see what Mister Onyx and Miss Sera can really do at the tourney. Oh, I am so excited for this!” Rane thought to himself, wondering about the various thing of tourney as the time slowly approaches the appointed time.