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“Takazawa! Takazawa-chan get back here immediately! Hiramaru put her down now!” Two figures sped through the backstage halls of the amphitheater at a neck breaking pace. A brilliantly blond girl clung to the back of a tall man as he pummeled his way through a crowd of confused looking stagehands as the furious looking woman gave chase behind them in heels not suited for this sort of activity. The blond girl laughed as she tightened her hold on the running man, there was no way she could have slipped away from her manager today, the woman had locked her up tight, but the appearance of Hiramaru had shaken up the woman’s plans.

“I’ll be back before the show starts Tokou-chan!”
She called out, raising one of her hands to wave at her manager who continued to scream from somewhere in the distance. The man continued on his fast pace until they were two blocks away from the amphitheater. When Hiramaru finally slowed to a halt Kumiko slid off his back, wrapping her arms around the waist of the panting man. He gently rested one of his palms on the top of her head.

“Sometimes you’re more trouble than you’re worth, Ko-chan.” He grumbled, but she didn’t let go, burying her head in his side for a moment. Hide Hiramaru had proven to be one of her best friends on her tour around the world, and she was extremely grateful for his presence. “Kumiko, you need to go, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“But you love me anyways Hidichi.” She released her friend from her death grip of a hug to show off a huge smile before turning around. Hyperion didn’t usually interrupted conversations she was having with other humans, so he definitely had her attention. She raised one arm in a half wave as she started off in the direction opposite the theater she was set to perform in. Hyperion stirred in the back of her mind almost restlessly, it made the girl a little anxious, but she didn’t say anything about it. Instead she walked in silence for a bit, humming a tune softly to her. She had been excited to go to Korea because she actually spoke Korean fluently, it was one of the two languages she had mastered that weren’t Japanese. Touring the world had been amazing, but actually being able to understand the people around her had been refreshing. Just has she was coming upon a giant river did Hyperion speak up again.

“The river! Something incredibly wonderful is waiting for you at that river!” Hyperion’s excitement was leaking into Ko’s own demeanor and she couldn’t keep her heart rate under control as she approached the massive river. The girl had no idea what could have possibly been waiting there for her, but Hyperion’s words had her imagination running wild. The blonde girl couldn’t help but think that there were other titans waiting for her there. Some, or all, of the siblings that Hyperion often told her about in outrageous stories that she could barely keep up with. As she approached the river she scanned the area through grey eyes, looking for something that stood out against the otherwise dull river.

As she looked her eyes were drawn to two very ordinary looking people standing on the bank. When she saw them it made her heart pound in her chest even harder than it had been, to the point where it almost hurt. “Go get ‘em kid.” Hyperion’s softly spoken words were all she needed to start towards the two people standing at the bank of the river. They were titan vessels.

As she got closer she could make out some details, one was a boy who looked her age wearing a scarf despite the warm weather, and the other looked like a girl in her high school years. As she got closer she watched in amazement as a few rocks began to float, as if gravity had gone haywire on them before they fell to the ground. At least one of them was one hundred percent a titan. Then, as if god had granted her a gift, she heard as the boy spoke to the girl. “… Do you happen to know anything about the Titans in the Greek myths, or more specifically, Mnemosyne?"

“Oh my, you really are a titan!” She exclaimed excitedly as she approached them, her blonde hair in disarray and her chest heaving from the effort she exerted from running down the slope. Despite that though, she couldn’t keep the giant smile off her lips. She could feel Hyperion inside of her giddy with energy, he had waited so long to meet his siblings and could keep his energy contained.