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When he came to rest against a tree... that one moment he looked off, he found a gush of cool water hitting him that awoke him rudely and caused him to spit some ingested water out and shake his drenched hair out. He blinked rapidly, panting hard being so caught off guard until he dragged his eyes to the source. Poseidon's kid. Shocker. It appeared they were making quite the impression on each other. He stepped out to approach the girls and forced a smile to the water manipulator. "I'm sorry, I must've missed your name?" He took a cross legged seat with the girls. For a moment he had a light globe of inspiration. Give Trinity a nice little bump, she falls on the mermaid, and that's two birds with one stone. Or summon kraken. He got a little excited with his own train of thought which were just as well there were no mind readers at camp. Or... he looked around. Did a wild exciting idea count for a desire? Didn't Aphrodites' have some pheromone calculator?
He could do so much at this camp for fun. He were after all sure the definition of productive at this camp according to Hecate were to experiment with his powers and potential inventive wicked ideas. Daniel could be in charge of training if he wanted. Summon a few other feisty creatures and get this show rolling and into war mode. Daniel turned his gaze to Trinity and smirked. Surely she wouldn't mind the challenge and assume leader role. Show them all the true wrath of Ares. And to see what Poseidon's new offspring were made of...

"You both in the mood for a challenge?" he asked, pressing his tongue to his cheek as if that would make his smirk less conspicuous.